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Two heads better than one

I've written some 30 books over the years but until now I'd never written one with a co-author. I've often wondered what the experience would be like. Now I know. It's wonderful. Two heads, really and truly, are better than one when it comes to writing an exciting novel.

Upon learning that Charles G. Irion, known to one and all as Chuck, had climbed with an Everest expedition I became immediately intrigued. Quite spontaneously, and having no idea where the thought would lead, I suggested that we collaborate on a novel to be entitled, Murder on Everest. The name said it all. Take one of the most deadly places on earth and add murder. From that came a thrilling book as well as the Summit Murder Series. In all it will have eight books, not seven. More about that later.

We're still searching for a publisher with the foresight to see the profit in what we've created. It's been an exciting journey.