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Murder on Aconcagua Synopsis

I am thrilled to share with you the synopsis of...
Murder on Aconcagua

Hero Scott Devlon is once again sent by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency on another climbing expedition. This time the mountain is Aconcagua, the highest in South America. His mission is to confirm a report that three Inca golden idols have been discovered and are headed to Venezuelan strongman, Hugo Chavez. Legend says he who possesses them is invincible. Scott’s assignment is to prevent that from taking place but he quickly learns that there are those who will stop at nothing, including murder, to get their hands on the idols. Join Scott Devlon as he battles not only the brutal elements of the Aconcagua summit, but the determined greed of a murderer in Murder on Aconcagua.

I can't wait until you can read it for yourselves!  Murder on Aconcagua, is coming to you in Dec/Jan.  

Murder on Everest Prologue

I thought I would share the prologue of Murder On Everest with those of you that haven't read the book.  Take a look!  I bet you can't stop there!    
The wind whipped my face. I wiped my goggles with my gloves and stared directly into the blizzard, searching for shadows or any sign of life.

We’d left Camp Five at midnight—more than seventeen hours earlier—and I was beyond exhaustion. My lungs were raw. Every breath I drew burned like cold fire. I fought a nagging cough that threatened to consume me. For two hours, I’d not climbed and my body temperature had fallen precipitously. Little feeling remained in my feet and hands and I was in danger of frostbite. I could sense my internal organs starting to shut down and a deadly lethargy engulfed me. I didn’t have long.

The snow was so thick that I could scarcely see more than two feet before me. The wind howled with a ferocity I’d never experienced. To stand erect, I had to lean into the gale. If the wind suddenly stopped,
I’d hav…

WE WANT YOU! Cover Contest

Calling all readers!  I need your help!  The last book in the Summit Murder Mystery Series is going to be released in no time!  Murder on Kilimanjaro is the crown jewel of our Summit Murder Mystery Series, and will be jam packed with non-stop action, while tying the entire series together!  We aren't holding back and we're pulling out all the stops to make this last book one that you'll remember for a long time!  Earlier this year, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to do research on the plot for this mystery, and I am very excited to not only bring you an unforgettable story, but for you to read an amazing adventure on a mountain that you know I have actually climbed myself!
In Murder on Kilimanjaro, our hero Scott Devlon will be helping the President of the United States get off Mt. Kilimanjaro after his son is murdered!  This final installment will be released next Fall just prior to the Presidential Election, so I thought it would be fun to have an election of our own.  Below yo…