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6 Iconic Mountains You Can Climb

You don’t need extensive climbing experience to tackle these peaks. Good health, fitness and the right background knowledge will take you all the way to the top.  Why do people climb mountains? Does it represent humanity’s spiritual quest to reconnect with nature, to brush against our limits by trying to touch the sky? Or has Climb Every Mountain from The Sound of Music influenced us more than we’d care to admit?

Some peaks need nerves of steel: technique, training and a familiarity with crampons. Others, as I have discovered, need only basic fitness and a dose of common sense. So, lace up, grab a water bottle and get ready. It only takes three hours to reach some of the world’s most famous peaks. Let’s start easy and work our way up.

Table Mountain, South Africa
Table Mountain forms a silhouette that symbolizes Cape Town. Its three-kilometer plateau stands guard over the harbor, the prison that housed Nelson Mandela and the ragged townships that represent the worst of the…

Best Mountain Climbing Locations for Beginners

Even if you're nowhere near the Rockies, there are probably a couple of great mountain climbing locations for beginners near you. If you're just getting started with mountain climbing, you hardly need glaciers, barely livable altitudes, and sheer drops to contend with. You should cut your teeth on a mountain that is perfectly safe, yet still lots of fun. You can challenge yourself even on relatively small mountains, especially if you aren't already at an extremely high level of fitness. Train on a small, local mountain and you'll also get the opportunity to test your equipment and find out what works and what doesn't work for you personally. Then, when you've mastered your local peaks and you're kitted out with everything a pro mountain climber could need, you can save up some cash to travel to a more well-known and intimidating climb.

Mount Rainier
Just an hour's drive outside of Seattle, Washington, Mount Rainier is considered by experienc…

10 Mountain Climbing Training Tips

Climbing a mountain is no small task, but these 10 mountain climbing training tips will have you on your way to a successful climb in the near future.
Take an orienteering class.  Contact your local mountaineering club to find out when they have a mountaineering class scheduled.  Learn to use a compass and gain some survival skills before you think about making a large climb. Start resistance training workouts. While endurance is important for mountain climbing, don't discount the importance of strength.  Basic resistance training is adequate for mountain climbing.  You don't need to purchase any fancy equipment because dumbbells and your own body weight provide all the necessary resistance. Eat right for mountain climbing.  A good climbing diet should get 50% of its calories from carbohydrates, 25% from protein, and 25% from fat.  This is the time to stop eating fast food, and start concentrating on high quality food that you can make at home.  If you just can'…

5 Climbers Summit Vinson Massif

Five Indonesian mountain climbers conquered the Vinson Massif peak in the North Antartic.

The members of the Seven Summits Expedition team from Wanadri, an outdoor activity organization, that were able to reach the Vinson Massif peak are Ardeshir, Yaftebbi, Iwan Irawan, Martin Rimbawan, Fadjri Al Lutfi and Nurhuda, the team`s executive chief, Yoppy Rikson Saragih, said in an e-mail received by ANTARA. 

"Thank God right at 02.21 hours West Indonesia Time on January 7, the Seven Summits Team reached the Vinson Massif peak. The team thanked all for their prayers and support," he said.

The Vinson Massif is the sixth of the seven peaks the team plans to conquer. The last one will be the Everest (8,850 meter above sea level) in Tibet. If all goes well the climbers deserve to be called "Seven Summiters," he said.

To finish the program started since 2010 the team has received support from the ministry of sports, several state-owned enterprises such as Per…

Murder on Everest Audio Book Now Available!

I am very excited to announce that Murder on Everest, the first book in the Summit Murder Mystery Series is now available on audio!  The best part is that for a limited time, we are offering the book for only $6.29!!  That is 12 hours of audio for only $6.29!  To order, CLICK HERE!

Review of Murder on Aconcagua

Reviews are coming in for Murder on Aconcagua!  Take a look at this one from M. Lignor.
The fifth book in the Summit Murder Mystery Series, Murder on Aconcagua, is I believe, the best one so far. The stories of climbing the highest summits on the continents of the world takes the reader along on the climbs with the professionals and you are right in the midst of all the drama, illnesses and accidents that take place on these deadly mountains.

The summits are all located in different continents and hold the distinction of being the seven highest mountains in the world.  The main character in these books, Scott Devlon, who works for the United States Defense Intelligence Agency is sent off on another climbing expedition. The mountain is, of course, Aconcagua, the highest in South America. His latest task is to see if he can find three Inca idols made of solid gold that are being hunted by someone on the expedition. There is a faction that is working for Hugo Chavez, who is …