Review of Murder on Aconcagua

Reviews are coming in for Murder on Aconcagua!  Take a look at this one from M. Lignor.

The fifth book in the Summit Murder Mystery Series, Murder on Aconcagua, is I believe, the best one so far. The stories of climbing the highest summits on the continents of the world takes the reader along on the climbs with the professionals and you are right in the midst of all the drama, illnesses and accidents that take place on these deadly mountains.

The summits are all located in different continents and hold the distinction of being the seven highest mountains in the world.  The main character in these books, Scott Devlon, who works for the United States Defense Intelligence Agency is sent off on another climbing expedition. The mountain is, of course, Aconcagua, the highest in South America. His latest task is to see if he can find three Inca idols made of solid gold that are being hunted by someone on the expedition. There is a faction that is working for Hugo Chavez, who is trying to take over the government of Argentina and another that just wants to sell them to the highest bidder. There is a Inca legend that states that whoever owns the idols will be indestructible. Scott is there to stop the hunt for these idols but, he sees that there are some who will stop at nothing to get them. There are numerous murders of members on the expedition, along with government soldiers that are trying to stop the expedition members from looking for the treasure.

The writers of the Summit Series really know their subject and it shows. The co-writer, Mr. Irion, wrote the first book about a climb on Mt. Everest and has been writing ever since about the highest peaks in the world. I have read them all so far and am looking forward to the last two. These books are not only interesting to climbing enthusiasts, but also to mystery/thriller readers. They are definitely keepers. 

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