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Book Trailer Video Shoot Sneak Peek

Here is a behind the scenes sneak peek look at the video shoot for our upcoming book trailers!

Exciting Synopsis for the Thriller Murder on Kilimanjaro

Murder on Kilimanjaro is the last of the Summit Murder Mystery Series of murder mysteries, each set atop the highest mountain on one of the world’s seven continents. Beginning with Murder on Everest then traversing the world from summit to summit the on-going story reaches culmination in East Africa. Recurring characters are brought together for this final expedition and story lines are resolved. The Summit Murder Series is likely the most unique, certainly one of the most exciting, series of murder mystery books ever written. Each story brings a fresh plot as well as insight into the unique landscape and cultures surrounding these mountains.
In Murder on Kilimanjaro, Scott Devlon, Afghanistan war veteran, mountaineer and occasional agent for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency has been invited by the sitting President of the United States to join him on his climb of the highest point in Africa. The president is returning to his family roots and will be accompanied by his recently sur…

Irion Books Releases Final Summit Murder Mystery Thriller

Irion Books is thrilled to release the final thriller in the Summit Murder Mystery series, Murder on Kilimanjaro.
Murder on Kilimanjaro is the seventh and final book in the Summit Murder Mystery series. In the midst of his re-election bid, the U.S. president sets out to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. He is joined by the African born son no one knew existed until now.Scott Devlon is summoned to help guide and accompany his entourage. The intrigue and mystery that has been an integral part of every Summit Murder Mystery reaches crescendo as true characters and motives are revealed. When an attempt is made to kill the president, Scott is once again called up…

Complete Series Synopsis

Murder on Everest – When Derek Sodoc, only son of the world’s richest and most powerful man dies attempting to climb Mt. Everest, questions are raised. Was it the mountain? Or perhaps something more sinister. After reading the book Abandoned on Everest that details Derek Sodoc’s untimely death, Sodoc’s father convinces the surviving expedition members to return to Everest – presumably to recover Derek’s body. With billions at stake and a relentless father searching for someone to blame, everyone is a suspect. Set against the backdrop of the world’s highest and deadliest mountain, Murder on Everest is filled with intrigue, sex, betrayal and mystery. It is unlike any murder mystery you’ve ever read. Be sure to read Abandoned on Everest, the companion prequel to this exciting debut novel.

Murder on ElbrusMurder on Elbrus begins with world famous mountaineer Scott Devlon scarcely recovered from the disaster told in Murder on Everest, when he is sent to observe an EU sponsored c…

Murder on Kilimanjaro Excerpt

I know a lot of you are getting very excited for the release of Murder on Kilimanjaro!  It will be here in the next couple weeks!!  I can't wait for you all to read it.  While you are waiting, I thought I would give you this sneak peek!  Enjoy!

The president was ahead in a slight cluster, the Secret Service agents forming a wall around him.A few of those most trusted were admitted to congratulate them and have their photographs taken.
In fact, cameras broke out everywhere.Guides joined me to have their pictures taken, as did others.Tired as we were, exhausted as were many of us, we’d made it and for a few minutes we savored the joy of accomplishment.Camera flashes formed round, silent bursts of light.
The snowfall was very heavy, whipping down on us in a violent wind.I turned to find Diana, to savor this moment with her when I heard the sounds of rapid gunfire coming from the president’s group.It was answered almost at once by other weapons.Instinctively, I threw myself to the groun…