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Quadruplets to Climb Kilimanjaro

'I'm incredibly proud' says father of Wembley quadruplets set to climb Kilimanjaro for disabled children charity Bindya, Vanisha, Urvashi and Vinay, all 17, are setting off for Africa this month and have already raised thousands of pounds.
The four 17-year-old Wembley-based Varsanis who are quadruplets about to climb Kilimanjaro. Quadruplets are to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for a disabled children’s charity.
The four 17-year-old Wembley -based Varsani’s, named Bindya, Vanisha, Urvashi and Vinay set off for Africa on August 22.

To date, they have raised £2,108 for Friends of Kera, a charity which works to help disadvantaged and disabled children in providing them with wheel chairs, hearing aids, braille and organises events to raise awareness of their needs.

Their father and IT technician Jay said: “I am incredibly proud of them.

“At their age, to go to Africa and climb Kilimanjaro, it is a big challenge.
Big challenge: Mount Kilimanjaro  “They are not usu…

Untold Story

Tanzania: Kilimanjaro - Untold Story of Africa's Highest Peak TOGETHER with Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro was named among Africa's new 'Seven Natural Wonders' in February, this year.

Apart from being known worldwide as Africa's highest peak and the World's tallest free-standing mountain, Kilimanjaro which pumps into the national coffers revenues amounting to nearly 80 bil/- is not usually given its deserved credit of supporting people from poor communities directly and transforming lives of nearly 30,000 Tanzanians annually.

Mount Kilimanjaro apparently boasts more than its legendary astounding height, three gigantic cones and battalion of trekkers who set out every year to conquer its highest elevation at Kibo; Kili is reported to be pumping more than 20bil/- cash into local residents' pockets annually.

Local communities around Mount Kilimanjaro, according to recent studies earn in excess of 1.7 bil/- per …