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Everest, The Final Resting Place - A True Story

The chilling truth behind these stories are the foundation of the ideas behind the Summit Murder Mystery series.  The danger and the unknown elements added to a murder plot on each of the world's seven continents highest and deadliest mountains, make for a compelling read.  The Summit Murder Mystery series.  Murder on Everest, Murder on Elbrus, Murder on Mt. McKinley, Murder on Puncak Jaya, Murder on Aconcagua, Murder on Vinson Massif and Murder on Kilimanjaro.

In 2006, a lone climber attempting the summit of Mount Everest for the third time was, purely by chance, caught in an amateur photograph taken by another climber of the scenic mountaintop ahead. The climber in the photograph was making his way up what is known as the Final Push of the Northeast ridge, between Camp VI at 8,230 m and the summit. It was late in the afternoon, a foolishly reckless time to undertake the lengthy and dangerous route.

It would be many hours before the the photographer and his climbing team…

Press Release - Barnes & Noble Signing


Breakfast with Senators

I was very honored and excited to attend a breakfast wherein I was able to meet retired Senator Jon Kyl and the newly elected Senator Jeff Flake!  While I was in Washington D.C. last month, I stopped by Senator Jon Kyl's office and dropped off a copy of Murder on Kilimanjaro.  When I saw him at the breakfast I attended, he told me he read Murder on Kilimanjaro and loved it!  How cool!  I gave a copy of Senator Jeff Flake at the breakfast and he said he is very excited to read the book because he lived in Africa for three years!  What great endorsements!

Synopsis of Murder on Kilimanjaro - In Murder on Kilimanjaro, Scott Devlon, Afghanistan war veteran, mountaineer and occasional agent for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency has been invited by the sitting President of the United States to join him on his climb of the highest point in Africa. The president is returning to his family roots and will be accompanied by his recently surfaced son, product of the president's yo…