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The series is about to launch!--sex, murder, suspense and intrigue will fill our readers with imagination. The series starts with Murder on Everest the most desolate place on earth to murder someone and the place we chose to write about. Religion--sherpas--media tycoons and the world's most famous adventurer fill the pages with riveting danger!


summit murders website release

wow! its finally done-a great website for our one of a kind new murder mystery series each murder committed on a summit of a continents highest mt's--7 continents 7 murders

Seven Books, Seven Mountains

Writing seven murder mysteries atop each of the highest peaks of the world's seven continents is a daunting task. Mountaineering offers many opportunities for excitement and danger, and the mountains themselves are located in exotic locales, typically in remote locations. But seven books about mountain climbing could get tedious. How many times can you describe snow? Or a blizzard? A fall? The cold? It could get old very easily. Still, the concept of murder in such inherently dangerous places was too much for Chuck and I to pass up.

So... the idea is to give each book a twist, a different angle and in that we've succeeded I believe. We've laid out original storylines for each book. It's an exciting enterprise and we're both looking forward to publishing the flagship of the series, Murder on Everest.

Murder on Everest Quentin Stern

We just got the domain name for our illustrous fictional National Inquisitor writer Quentin Stern.

He's quite the fellow---like all tabliod writers he embellishes quite a bit but it only adds to his flavor!

Taking another look

Chuck decided we needed another set of skilled eyes to go through Murder on Everest before turning over to the artist to design the interior and cover prior to publication. I didn't think it was necessary as the book had been well vetted already. But was I glad we did it. Though there were few errors or corrections there were enough. Which only goes to show you can't be too careful. I'm looking forward to holding the final product in my hands after all this work.

Chuck is back from a short vacation and called with additional comments and corrections to Murder on Elbrus. Good stuff and a good judgement.

We're on to Murder on Mt. McKinley this week having worked out a very clever plot.

Everest relived and My Birthday bash 09

A great birthday party for me at the ball park!-ron and I were busy most of the day getting the summit murder series website outlined with the webmasters--This will be a great site full of exciting things for the reader to see . There will be 8 books in total including Abandoned on Everest. Hopefully we'll be publishing the first of the series Murder on Everest in october----What a thrilling adventure to write about--I really relived alot of the hardships I encountered when I was on Everest in 1987. Happy Birthday to me!--chuck

murder on elbrus

well--ron and I just finished murder on elbrus--the highest mt on the european continent---wow what a great read!-----we have alot of work to do edits re-writes but i think you'll like it when its available!

Publishing on our own

About two weeks ago Chuck and I made the decision to proceed with self publication and marketing. This was not easy as the allure of a traditional publishing contract is powerful. Visions of talk shows, a savvy publisher marketing team, our book displayed in bookstores everywhere is enticing.

But there are significant downsides to going with one of the major New York publishers. For one, you surrender all control. They select the publication date, and worse, they decide when to stop shipping books. It is, as well, very difficult to coordinate your marketing efforts with those of the publisher as they withhold so much information.

Next, you give up ownership. In the old days a year after the book went out of print the rights returned to the authors. No more. Now the publishers turn to print-on-demand and sell just enough copies each year to keep the rights indefinitely. The consequence is to keep you from self-publishing or pursuing other potential deals.

Finally, your rate of return per …

Murder on Elbrus is coming!

Ron and I met today to discuss the plot and some new twists that will blow your minds----I hope and pray this book will be a best seller when its done----its amazing! I hope the russians don't get mad easily

Charles Irion

Two for the Price of One

Within Murder on Everest there is another book entitled Abandoned on Everest. It, more than anything else, is the motive for billionaire Michael Sodoc assembling this particular team of mountaineers to climb Everest and recover his son's body. There is, of course, much more to the plot, as nothing is what it initially seems. Abandoned on Everest, or AOE, was written by Quentin Stern, a reporter for the mythical National Inquisitor. It is described as a cheesy tell-all, a book written in the style we all know from supermarket waiting lines. Racy stuff.

Once Murder on Everest, or MOE, was written, Chuck Irion and I were discussing the next step when Chuck, creative genius that he is, suggested we actually write AOE. Why not? I thought, and so, we did.

The books are not a matched set, that is, you do not have to read them both. You can read either by itself, though we believe anyone reading one will want to read the other. They are very different books, telling in part a story that ov…

Two heads better than one

I've written some 30 books over the years but until now I'd never written one with a co-author. I've often wondered what the experience would be like. Now I know. It's wonderful. Two heads, really and truly, are better than one when it comes to writing an exciting novel.

Upon learning that Charles G. Irion, known to one and all as Chuck, had climbed with an Everest expedition I became immediately intrigued. Quite spontaneously, and having no idea where the thought would lead, I suggested that we collaborate on a novel to be entitled, Murder on Everest. The name said it all. Take one of the most deadly places on earth and add murder. From that came a thrilling book as well as the Summit Murder Series. In all it will have eight books, not seven. More about that later.

We're still searching for a publisher with the foresight to see the profit in what we've created. It's been an exciting journey.