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The geese that can conquer Mount Everest

A tracking study has revealed the secrets of the Himalayan flight of the bar-headed goose - the world's highest bird migration.

The geese have been recorded at heights of more than 7,000m (23,000 ft) and mountaineers have claimed they have seen the birds fly over Mount Everest.

Their ability to fly in such extreme conditions has fascinated scientists for decades, as the BBC's science reporter Victoria Gill reports.

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CNN Reporter Brooke Baldwin Climbs Kilimanjaro

Conquering Mount Kilimanjaro: 10 essential lessonsBy Brooke Baldwin, CNN

Climbing Kilimanjaro: The hardest thing I've ever done04:34

Story highlightsCNN anchor Brooke Baldwin stepped out of her comfort zone to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest peak"Check your ego at the Machame route gate," she says. "The mountain is the boss"About half of the 35,000 tourists who attempt the climb each year make it to the peak When she's not climbing mountains, Brooke Baldwin anchors CNN from 2 to 4 p.m. ET. (CNN)You normally see me on TV, holding down two hours on CNN every day. And while I absolutely love my job, I needed a break. I'd moved to NYC last summer, threw myself into my life up here and have never been happier. But at the same time, the wheel started to spin faster than ever. And after a particularly tough news cycle, I needed a REAL break. So I asked for two entire weeks off -- something I've never done in my 15-year career -- and decide…

Official says human waste on Mt. Everest a major problem

(Photo: DIPTENDU DUTTA AFP/Getty Images) KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) - Human waste left by climbers on Mount Everest has become a problem that is causing pollution and threatening to spread disease on the world's highest peak, the chief of Nepal's mountaineering association said Tuesday.

The more than 700 climbers and guides who spend nearly two months on Everest's slopes each climbing season leave large amounts of feces and urine, and the issue has not been addressed, Ang Tshering told reporters. He said Nepal's government needs to get the climbers to dispose of the waste properly so the mountain remains pristine.

Hundreds of foreign climbers attempt to scale Everest during Nepal's mountaineering season, which began this week and runs through May. Last year's season was canceled after 16 local guides were killed in an avalanche in April.

Climbers spend weeks acclimatizing around the four camps set up between the base camp at 5,300 meters (17,380 feet) …

Want to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro? Here's How

Here’s what you need to know before climbing Africa’s tallest peak.
It pays to be prepared when climbing Africa's highest peak. Photo: Shutterstock Two years ago I climbed 5895 metres to the roof of Africa with no boots, no jacket and no idea.
Nestled on the border of Tanzania and Kenya, the goal for Mount Kilimanjaro trekkers is to reach ‘Uhuru Peak’ and watch the sun rise over the Serengeti National Park, home of The Lion King.

As it’s the world’s highest ‘walkable’ mountain (meaning you won’t need ice picks and ropes to reach the top) you definitely don’t need to practice trekking for months beforehand to conquer Africa’s highest peak.

However, you do need to know what to expect:
Mt Kilimanjaro is 5895m above sea level. Altitude sickness will be your worst enemy The real killer on the mountain is the altitude. During the trek you’ll pass from being at sea level to ‘high altitude’, to ‘very high altitude’ and briefly walk at ‘extreme altitude’…