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A Women's Climbing Magazine

A new alpine magazine is out for women climbers. Alpine Athena is a core-focused woman’s alpinism magazine dedicated to the woman climber, alpinist and mountaineer. The magazine is a free monthly online publication. Every Friday the magazine will release reviews on climbing gear.

Alpine Athena hopes to address the specific needs of women climbers. It will build a community of female mountaineers through connection and networking. The online publication has "How To" advice, interviews with other climbers and climbing events. Currently, Alpine Athena has released three issues. To visit Alpine Athena click here.

Gourmet Meals on Everest

For many climbers of Mount Everest a practical diet while on the mountain is expected, non-refrigerated high in calories food that will fit into backpacks. However, this is not true for an expedition coming from Iceland who will experience gourmet meals each day of their climb up Mount Everest.

The Iceland Everest Expedition of 2011 plans to reach Everest Base Camp and make their summit around April - May 2011. Their goal is to raise 1 million euros for Alzheimer's Research UK. The organization funds early onset Alzheimer's research.

Currently, the menu is planned to have items such as Coq au Vin or Tuscan chicken, Catalan chicken and Boeuf Bourguignon and fine wines, in moderation.

In order to make this possible, the food will be pre-cooked in the UK and then prepared on the mountain. The head chef has assured the climbers the meals will be to exact gourmet standards.

Beyond the desire to have the comforts of fresh food on Everest, there is a more serious, medical reason for …

Charles G. Irion Recognized Among Top Entrepreneurs in the U.S.

The American Chronicle named author and entrepreneur Charles G. Irion among "Business Leaders of the Month".
According to the article, entrepreneurial leaders do not have a mindset that adapts to failure. Things go wrong, of course, but entrepreneurs don´t call them "failures" they call them "glitches, mistakes, bungles or setbacks.
To read more about Charles G. Irion and his diverse and multi-faceted background, visit his website.
To see the complete list of leaders, visit the American Chronicle.

Veterans Summit Lobuche

The U.S. military has always excelled at training soldiers for combat, but they've had a tougher time helping them adjust to peace after their service has been completed. After being involved in an accident that left him blind, army veteran Steve Baskis directed his efforts to summiting Mount Lobuche.

While serving in Baghdad, Baskis' armored vehicle received a blast from a homemade explosive. It was a metal tube stuffed with explosive material and capped with a concave copper disk. Shrapnel sliced through the car's passenger side door and into Sergeant Victor Cota. Some of the shrapnel went through Cota and into Baskis. Cota did not survive the incident and perished on site. Baskis awoke a week later in a veteran's hospital without his sight.

Although the pain was great, Baskis was determined to make the most of his life. Since the incident Baskis has learned to navigate in his now dark world. He has ran in the Chicago Marathon, finished a half Ironman triathlo…

Cancer Survivor Conquers Everest

After beating a brain tumor, 27 year old Justin Anderson is among 20 other cancer survivors attempting to climb Mount Everest. The trip is meant to show the metaphor used by many cancer patients, climbing a mountain.

The trip is funded and arranged through a Radiation Oncologist from the Mercy Cancer Center in Des Moines. The goal of the trek is to allow for people in Anderson's position to explore how catastrophes such as cancer can enhance one's outlook on life.

After going into the doctor to have some mysterious headaches checked out, Anderson was told he had a malignant brain tumor the size of a walnut in his head. Through early detection and neurosurgery, the tumor is now completely gone.

Anderson will leave for Nepal in the beginning of April but plans to blog about his entire experience while there.