Gourmet Meals on Everest

For many climbers of Mount Everest a practical diet while on the mountain is expected, non-refrigerated high in calories food that will fit into backpacks. However, this is not true for an expedition coming from Iceland who will experience gourmet meals each day of their climb up Mount Everest.

The Iceland Everest Expedition of 2011 plans to reach Everest Base Camp and make their summit around April - May 2011. Their goal is to raise 1 million euros for Alzheimer's Research UK. The organization funds early onset Alzheimer's research.

Currently, the menu is planned to have items such as Coq au Vin or Tuscan chicken, Catalan chicken and Boeuf Bourguignon and fine wines, in moderation.

In order to make this possible, the food will be pre-cooked in the UK and then prepared on the mountain. The head chef has assured the climbers the meals will be to exact gourmet standards.

Beyond the desire to have the comforts of fresh food on Everest, there is a more serious, medical reason for the menu choices. Loss of appetite is a common symptom of Acute Mountain Sickness or altitude sickness. Yet it is still vital for climbers to eat upwards of 5,000 calories a day when on the mountain. The idea behind the menu is that the food will be too delicious to pass up even when the climbers do not feel hungry.


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