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British Adventurer Begins Antartic Crossing On Skis

A 33-year-old British adventurer set out on skis November 25th, 2011 to attempt a historic solo crossing of Antarctica.

Felicity Aston aims to become the first woman to make it across the frozen continent alone. She expects the journey of more than 1,000 miles (1,700 kilometers) will take about 70 days.
She announced on Twitter that she was setting out from her starting point at the Ross Ice Shelf.
"Having breakfast looking at the mountains. The quiet will take some getting used to," she said in one message. Later, she wrote: "With the first step of my journey I start the long road home."

She is pulling a sled with supplies and first will be headed up the Leverett Glacier.
Boerge Ousland of Norway previously made a 64-day trip across the continent in 1997. But he harnessed the wind when it blew in his favor by strapping himself to a parachute-like sail.
If successful, Aston would become the first person using only muscle power to cross Antarctica alone. She …

Murder on Mt. McKinley Audio Book - Coming Soon!

I'm working hard at getting all the Summit Murder Mystery Series books out to you via audio!  Here is a picture of me recording the introduction to Murder on Mt. McKinley! 

Youngest Person to Summit Mt. Aconcagua

This video is from a few  years ago, but I thought it was fitting given the release of Murder on Aconcagua!  This video is of 11 year old Jordan Romero, he is the youngest person to stand at the summit of Aconcagua.  He set a world record!  Very neat!  Take a look, and then head on over and  subscribe to my YouTube page!

Murder on Elbrus Sneak Peek


Russian Team Aims To Climb K2 - In Winter

Reaching the summit of K2 in summer is one of the mountaineering's most deadly and difficult challenges.  Now a team of Russians is attempting what no other has yet achieved - scaling the world's second-highest peak in winter.

The 15 climbers will endure temperatures plunging more than 50 below zero and winds of up to 40 mph as they inch up the stuffing giant pyramid that straddles Pakistan and China.  The assault is expected to take 21/2 months.

"This is only possible for a Russian team," said Victor Kozlov, affable leader of the expedition, whose members established a new route on K2 in 2007.  "God willing, we can make it," he said this week in Pakistani capital, ahead of his journey to the Karakoram range in the far north of the country.
Winter ascents of the world's 14 highest mountains are some of the most prized achievements left in climbing.

The "eight-thousanders," as they're known because they all top 8,000 meters (5 miles), were …

Press Release


Media Contact: Jennifer L. Howell Irion Books, LLC (480) 522-9287
Irion Books Releases Fifth Book in the Summit Murder Mystery Series Murder on Aconcagua Today Irion Books announces the much anticipated release of the fifth book in their Summit Murder Mystery Series, Murder on Aconcagua.  One of the most unique series ever written, the Summit Murder Mystery Series is co-authored by Charles G. Irion and Ronald J. Watkins, and is set at the peaks of the highest mountains on the world’s seven continents.  Remote, inaccessible, they are the crown jewels of climbing.  They are the world’s deadliest mountains, and deaths from falls, avalanches, illness, heart attacks, and high altitude sickness, are a matter of course. Add in murder to the mix, and you get seven of the most original and exciting murder mysteries ever written.
Inspired by Charles Irion’s 1987 attempt to climb Mt. Everest, and his 2011 climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, each book offers…

10 Tips for Buying Climbing Shoes

Whether you enjoy rock climbing or mountain climbing, good shoes are important! Okay, you're interested in rock climbing and you've seen all those cool colorful rock shoes that the cool guys and gals are wearing at the crag. But what should you get? How do you decide what shoes to buy? And what kind of shoes do you need? The rock shoes you buy, even your first pair, is one of the most important climbing equipment purchasing decisions you will make. Buy the wrong pair of shoes and your feet will hurt and you’ll probably give up climbing. But buy the right pair of rock shoes and you’ll be dancing up the walls. Follow my 10 tips below to make smart buying decisions.
1. Buy at a Reputable Mountain Shop It's always best to buy rock shoes, especially your first pair, at a reputable mountain shop with an experienced sales staff that is knowledgeable about climbing. One of the big advantages is that you can try them on and test them--ensuring you get a great fit. Photogra…