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An Incredible Tour of the World's Highest Peaks Via Google Maps Street View

by Megan Barber
Google Maps Street View of Camp Colera at 19,685 feet, on the way to summit Aconcagua
From Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, to Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in Africa, the world's highest peaks are stunning in their beauty. And while most of us use Google Maps to scope out a new coffee shop, the street view application lets you explore these awe-inspiring mountains without ever leaving the couch.

↑ Everest Base Camp: The Climbers Memorial is a sacred site located just above 14,000 feet, which honor the lives of fallen climbers on Mt. Everest.

↑ Most expeditions to the highest point on Earth are staged at Everest Base Camp, pictured here.

↑ The 18,192-foot Kala Patthar on Mount Everest.

↑ Namche Bazaar is the gateway to the high Himalayas. The town is popular with adventurers in the Khubu region because it is at a good altitude for acclimitization and has a number of stores to outfit expeditions properly.

↑ The s…

Mount Everest base camp in Tibet to reopen July 1

inShare Share More BEIJING The Mt Everest base camp in Tibet will be reopened to climbers on July 1, the tourism authorities said on Tuesday.

The base camp was closed for safety reasons following the 7.9-magnitude earthquake on April 25 that killed climbers and guides on Nepal's side of the mountain.

Roads leading to the base camp will be subjected to periodic traffic controls, a spokesperson with the tourism bureau said, according to Xinhua news agency. The base camp, located 5,200 metres above sea level, saw 59,100 visitors in 2014.

The earthquake killed over 9,000 people and injured more than 21,000. For more information about the Summit Murder Mystery series, CLICK HERE 
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