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200 paragliders to fly off Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity

200 paragliders to fly off Mt. Kilimanjaro and fundraise $1M for East Africa charities
Some events only happen once in a lifetime. While we’ve seen hundreds if not thousands Kilimanjaro charity climbs, we’ve certainly never seen 200 paragliders jump from the peak of Africa’s 19,341 foot summit in the name of charity.
It will be a world-record breaking event. Three years of preparation will culminate in the largest Kilimajaro fundraising event of its kind with the 200 paragliders and support team set to start their climb up Mt Kilimanjaro on January 27th, 2013.

The project is appropriately dubbed ‘Wings of Kilimanjaro’. Paragliding pilots and passengers from around the world will aim to reach the summit and then jump off the mountain paragliding down. Normally, this type of activity is banned by the Tanzanian Government – but determination has made it possible and the team received a one-time special permission.

The team's fundraising towards a one million dollar goal…

Celebrities Climb Kilimanjaro to Promote Water Cause

A GROUP of 12 celebrities from the United States of America have just completed scaling Mount Kilimanjaro, a trek done to promote safe and clean water in Africa.

The celebrities, through a campaign famously known as Summit on the Summit, started their ascent on January 6, this year and all made it to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, the Uhuru Peak and spoke to the media in Arusha on Sunday.

The Summit on the Summit climb includes celebrities such as Actor Justin Chatwin, artist Mark Foster, Melissa Arnot, Chevenee Reavis, the Director of Strategic Initiatives for Water organization, Mr Kenna Zemedkun, Chase Jarvis, Actress Beau Garrett, Bryn Mooser, David Morton, Dr Greg Allgood, Steve Hall and Cynthia Koenig.

The initiative is designed to drive awareness and change to the global clean water crisis while engaging a community through raising awareness, supporting education, inspiring advocacy and activating fundraising.

By taking cultural influencers, educators and high profile…

Climber Killed by Lightning on Kilimanjaro

Irish adventurer killed after being struck by lightning on Mt Kilimanjaro One of Ireland's most famous mountaineers, Ian McKeever, has been killed after being struck by lightning as he led a charity group climbing Africa's highest peak. Ian McKeever was killed after being struck by lightning as he led a charity group climbing Africa's highest peak Mt Kilimanjaro Photo: AP/PA
Ian McKeever, 42, died instantly after three days of severe weather worsened as he guided more than 20 climbers above 13,000ft on Tanzania’s Mt Kilimanjaro.
His fiancĂ©e, Anna O’Louglin, 34, who he was due to marry in September, was injured in the storm, as were up to six other members of the expedition.
They were last night being treated by Tanzanian doctors.
Jack O’Donohue, 60, was beside Mr McKeever as the lightning struck, and he described to his son, John, how the force of the bolt threw him from his feet.
“I believe that Dad was climbing with Ian and they were only three f…