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Mount Everest

The World's tallest mountain belongs to the Nepalese and China border, nestled into the Himalayas, Mt. Everest rises 29,029 feet above sea level. It is an accomplishment tackled by few and finished even less.

In 1865, Mt. Everest was given its official English name by the Royal Geographical Society. Andrew Waugh, the British Surveyor General of India at the time, named it after his predecessor in the post, Sir George Everest. Although the Tibetans still call it Chomolungma or "Saint Mother". Prior to Waugh, Mt. Everest was simply called Peak XV. Waugh also helped to define Mt. Everest as the tallest peak in the 1850's, taking the title from Kangchenjunga.

Mt. Everest has two main climbing routes, the southeast ridge from Nepal and the northeast ridge from Tibet. The southeast ridge from Nepal is technically easier and is used more frequently. It was the route used by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on the first summit of Mt. Everest.

There is a small wind…

Father and Son Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Among the Seven Summits, Mount Kilimanjaro towers as the highest mountain in Africa. With its three volcanic cones, Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira, Mount Kilimanjaro is an inactive volcano in Tanzania. It stands 19,341 feet above sea level and is 19,298 feet from base to summit. Mount Kilimanjaro is also the highest freestanding mountain.

Below is a video of a Mount Kilimanjaro climb performed by a father and son. It is a video journal showcasing the seven day adventure up the Machame route. This video was sent to Irion Books via Twitter from John Beede. Follow John Beede or Irion Books LLC and stay current with climbing updates!

Seven Summits Authors' Disco Christmas Video

The Summit Murder Mystery Series authors, Charles G. Irion and Ronald J. Watkins have some holiday fun with a JibJab "Disco Christmas" video.
Happy Holidays ... enjoy!!!

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Mt. Everest Explorer Visits Wisconsin Students

Arctic explorer, Eric Larsen, who has spent the past 15 years traveling the globe to some of the most remote places on Earth, spoke with Wisconsin students about his world record expedition and the effects of global warming. Larsen completed an expedition to both the North and South Poles and Mount Everest in 333 days. His mission was titled "Save the Poles" and he worked to bring attention to global warming.

To the Superior middle school students Larsen gave the advice:

"I often say just begin with one step and I think that's a way to solve not only problems on expeditions but other things in life, as well as the issue of climate change. That seems like a big problem that you almost don't want to do anything because you think what could I possibly do, and I think it's important to at least take that first step."

For now, Larsen plans to continue his efforts in climate change, but hasn't ruled out another expedition in the future.

Seven Summits Celebration to a Masquerade Ball Fundraiser

November was a busy month for Irion Books LLC, with a trip to New York for the 25th Anniversary of the Seven Summits to the K2 Adventures Foundation's First Annual Masquerade Ball in Arizona.

In New York Charles G. Irion, founder of Irion Books and coauthor of the Summit Murder Mystery Series, attended the Seven Summits Silver Anniversary Celebration, hosted by the New York chapter of the American Alpine Club (AAC). The New York AAC commemorated the 25th anniversary of Dick Bass completing the Seven Summits.

Dick Bass with Charles Irion at the New York AAC event. Bass completed the Seven Summits in just three years.

Presentation at New York AAC event honoring Dick Bass and his accomplishments of reaching the summits of the highest mountain on all seven continents.

Opening remarks by Philip Erard, section chairman for the American Alpine Club, New York section. Erard started the AAC black-tie event that has now become a fond tradition.

The annual black tie event was held at the lan…

Tourists Stranded at Base of Mount Everest

Early in November more than 2000 tourists were stranded at Lukla Airport in Nepal due to bad weather canceling flights. Lukla is the starting point for trips to Mount Everest. The Lukla Airport is also known as the Tenzing-Hillary Airport, after the first men to summit Mount Everest.

The Civil Aviation Ministry of Nepal announced flights were canceled all over the region, leaving over 3000 tourists stranded in the region due to bad weather. The ministry is working with the army of Nepal to rescue all stranded tourists. The ministry plans to bring all tourists from Lukla to Jiri with the help of helicopters and sky vans. After Jiri the tourists will be transported to Kathmandu by bus. At Kathmandu they will be able to take flights home.

Stranded tourists are not the only problem caused by the flight cancellations. Planes are the only way to provide food in the region. The inability for planes to fly has created a food shortage for many parts of Nepal. The Trekking Agents Associa…

Air Force Seven Summit Challenge

The Air Force Seven Summit Challenge is travelling to Antarctica's Vinson Massif. At the top of the 16,076 foot mountain, two airmen plan to do pushups to raise money for the children of Special Ops warriors. Rob Marshall and Graydon Muller will leave on November 24.

Supporters have pledged monetary donations for each pushup performed and foot climbed by the two Hurlburt Field pilots. All of the funds go to the Special Operations Warrior Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships to the children of airmen who have been killed in battle or training accidents.

The group of Air Force climbers has raised more than $40,000 from previous ascents. They hope to raise at least $10,000 on the Antarctica climb.

Marshall, who is a member of the 8th Special Operations Squadron, started the challenge to show the strength of the Air Force.

Muller, a member of the 6th Special Operations Squadron, hopes the team will set a world record as the first military team to complete the Seve…

Jennifer Jordan Tells Untold Story of Ill-fated 1939 Mountaineering Expedition

This week I met award-winning author, filmmaker, and screenwriter Jennifer Jordan. She was in Arizona talking her book “The Last Man on the Mountain: The Death of an American Adventurer on K2”. It’s an amazing story about Dudley Wolfe, the first man to climb K2, the world’s second-highest mountain.
After making it higher than any member of the expedition, a sick and severely dehydrated Wolfe was abandoned during the descent. Sixty-three years later, Jennifer Jordan discovered his remains.
Photo: Authors share mountaineering stories and their books. Jennifer Jordan with a copy of Irion Books’ “Murder on Everest”
while Charles G. Irion with a copy of Jordan’s “The Last Man on the Mountain”.

Photo: Jennifer Jordan shares her story about climber Dudley Wolfe at an REI store in Arizona.

Photo: My autographed copy of “The Last Man on the Mountain”.

Jordan's website: and Facebook Page: Last Man on the Mountain.

Seven Summits Climbing Records

The Seven Summits challenge has been tackled by countless climbers but only 275 have actually completed the task. This challenge includes summiting the highest mountain on each of the seven continents. Currently, there are two different Seven Summit lists. Both include Mount Everest, Mount Elbrus, Mount Kilimanjaro, Vinson Massif, Mount McKinley and Aconcagua. One list includes Mount Kosciuszko, while the other instead includes Mount Puncak Jaya, also known as Carstensz Pyramid. Thirty percent of the climbers who have completed the Seven Summits, have reached the eighth peak as well. Over the years, several records have been placed by those who have completed this monumentous task, below are a few of the current records.

First: Richard Bass in 1985
Last: Sonia Carlos in 2010
Oldest: Ramon Blanco at 70 years old
Youngest: Johnny Collinson at 17 years old
Fastest: AC Sherpa in only 42 days
First Female: Tabei Junko of Japan
First Married Couple: Phil and Susan Ershler
First Person Witho…

The Internet Reaches New Heights: Mount Everest

Technology has officially reached new heights! Mount Everest, the highest point on earth, has received internet connection. Climbers can surf the web, send a Tweet and make phone calls from the summit of Mt Everest.

Until now, climbers were forced to carry heavy and expensive satellite equipment to transmit information and images from base camp. On the climb, mountaineers carry hand held VHF radios to talk with base camp, though an expedition might also carry a satellite phone to contact sponsors and family.

Because of NCell, this is no longer needed. Climbers now have access to wireless internet and telecoms at the peak. This will greatly increase the safety for climbers on Everest. Distress calls from the death zone will be heard and answered more quickly due to this new technology. Satellite phones are infamous for poor reception at the top of Everest; the opportunity of internet on Everest has now solved this problem.

Interactivity between climbers and the outside world has no…

"Save the Poles" Expedition

Arctic explorer Eric Larsen has spent the past 15 years traveling across the globe to some of the most remote places on earth. Larsen is the first person to send a tweet from the North Pole on Earth Day. On his "Save the Poles" expedition Larsen traveled from the North Pole to the South Pole and summited Mount Everest along the way. Larsen's expedition was meant to bring attention to global warming. In the video below Larsen discusses his adventures and expedition with CNN.

Irion Books goes to New York

Irion Books LLC is off to New York for the 31st Annual American Alpine Club Gala. The American Alpine Club (AAC) will be celebrating the Silver 25th Anniversary of Dick Bass completing the Seven Summits. Bass completed the Seven Summits on April 30, 1985. The adventure to him three years and three attempts on Everest. The Seven Summits include the highest points on all seven continents. The AAC is a community of climbers who have banded together to support the climbing and protect climbing places. Charles G. Irion will be celebrated as a new member of the American Alpine Club and as the co-author of the Summit Murder Mystery Series. The video below will also be presented at the gala.

Summit Author Charles G. Irion Supports Project Artemis

I had the pleasure of meeting and dining with 20 Afghan businesswomen at Tuesday's Project Artemis dinner. The event was hosted by my alma mater Thunderbird School of Global Management.
Here I'm pictured in the center with the camera - (left to right) is my wife Rose Marie Irion; businesswoman Nasrin Nuristani, a 2010 Project Artemis fellow; and Michael Cottrell, President Thunderbird Phoenix Alumni Chapter.
This month, Thunderbird School of Global Management hosted 20 businesswomen from Afghanistan as participants in its fourth annual Project Artemis program, an intensive entrepreneurship skills course.
Project Artemis provides women with business training, coaching, mentoring and access to resources to become self-sustaining citizens in their homeland, create opportunities for employment and help rebuild Afghanistan through small business. You can see more photos of the event by clicking here: Project Artemis Photos
You can also learn more about businesswoman Nasrin Nuristan…

"We Remember" the US Troops

Irion Books LLC is participating as a sponsor at the first annual "Remember the Night" event hosted by Project We Remember. On Saturday October 23rd nearly 200 patriotic guests will be in attendance and together they will remember the men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting the United States of America.

Project We Remember is an organization founded to help those who have served in the United States military. Their purpose is to raise funds for individuals and non-profits who provide support for those in the military and their families.

Along side the other guests Irion Books LLC. will enjoy music courtesy of the 108th Army Band from the 253rd Engineer Battalion and the keynote speaker Kevin Cherilla, philanthropist and mountain guide. Cherilla has been to the summit of Mount Everest and has led 10 teams to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. He recently returned from a climbing trip to Nepal with 16 veteran soldiers.

Record Setting Climb for Mount Everest

Currently, the record for the most Mount Everest climbs is 20 and it is held by a Sherpa by the name of Apa. Apa completed his 20th climb on Mount Everest on an expedition called the Eco Everest Expedition of 2010. The expedition was in tribute to the world famous climber Edmund Hillary and as an environmental effort to help clean up the trash that has been abandoned along the mountain's trails.

Apa collected 15,400 pounds of garbage while climbing to the summit of Mount Everest. The garbage was taken down the mountain by porters. At the summit Apa had originally planned to disperse the ashes of Hillary, the first climber to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Buddhist lamas warned that scattering the ashes would bring bad luck. Therefore, the ashes of Hillary will stay at a monastery near the base of Mount Everest. In an effort to show respect for Hillary, Apa prayed for him at the summit of Mount Everest.

Apa first climbed the 29,035-foot mountain in 1989 and has repeated t…

Soldiers to Summit: A Himalayan Experience

An exciting expedition is taking place in the Everest Region and began on October 2nd! Soldiers to Summit: A Himalayan Experience consists of a team of 11 retired disabled U.S. soldiers, 10 Mount Everest climbers and two summits. These soldiers will struggle together to reach their objective of reaching both summits.

The soldiers attempting to complete the expedition include: Steve Baskis, Chad Butrick, Ashley Crandall, Aaron Isaacson, Chad Jukes, Cody Miranda, Nicolette Maroulis, Justin Moore, Matt Nyman, Katherine Ragazzino and Dan Sidles. These men and women have served the United States military and have been given honorary discharged due to various ailments. Nicolette Maroulis spent three years in a wheel chair, but through multiple surgeries she has relearned to walk. Steve Baskis is blind and little motor skills in his left hand.

Mount Lobuche and Mount Kala Pattar are in the Everest Region. The trail to the summit of Lobuche is steep and technically challenging as it is c…

Summit Murder Mystery Series Book Signing a Success

The authors of the Summit Murder Mystery Seris met many new and current fans at El Chorro Lodge on September 18th. This was the first time both authors, Charles G. Irion and Ronald J. Watkins, were presented together in the United States. This was also the first ever book signing at the world famous El Chorro Lodge. Fans of the Summit Murder Mystery Series were able to meet the authors and discuss plotlines and characters.

Interestingly, the attendees of the book signing stayed at El Charro Lodge to discuss the books amongst themselves, chatting about favorite characters and upcoming novels in the series. The event was a success for the Summit Murder Mystery Series and Irion Books is looking forward to similar future events.

Irion Books Featured by Arizona Book Publishing Association

Irion Books was recently recognized as a "Featured Member" by the Arizona Book Publishing Association this month. The ABPA recognized Charles G. Irion as the author and publisher two successful series, the Hell Series and the Summit Murder Mystery Series. The first three novels in the Summit Murder Mystery Series include Murder on Everest, Abandoned on Everest and Murder on Elbrus.

Founded in Phoenix in April of 1992, the Arizona Book Publishing Association’s mission is to advance and promote successful book publishing in Arizona through education, community involvement, cooperative effort, peer recognition, industry advocacy, and the support of 1st Amendment rights.

Summit Murder Mystery Series Video

Fresh from Argo Studios, the video below is the new Summit Murder Mystery video. It highlights the Summit Murder Mystery Series novels that are currently out and those planned for the future and the thrill seeking mountaineer Scott Devlon.

The video will be showcased at the American Alpine Club annual dinner on November 13th. It is an honor to be given the spotlight along with the famous mountaineer Dick Bass. Bass was the first mountaineer to conquer the Seven Summits and he will be acknowledged at the Seven Summits Black Tie Dinner in New York, along with the video below of the Summit Murder Mystery Series.

First Appearance of the Acclaimed Authors of the Summit Murder Mystery Series

Grab your copies of Murder on Everest and Murder on Elbrus, a sharpie and mark your calendar for September 18th from 5 to 6 in the evening! Ron and I will be hosting a book signing at El Chorro Restaurant at 5550 E. Lincoln Dr in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

This is our first book signing together and we are excited for the success of the Summit Murder Mystery Series. We would love to see all of the Scott Devlon fans and murder mystery junkies. Bring your friends and family, we will have copies of both Murder on Everest and Murder on Elbrus for sale at the event.

Clear you schedule now for Saturday September 18th from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. and come meet and get your copies signed by the authors of Murder on Everest and Murder on Elbrus.

Mission Seven Summits Sets Off for Elbrus and Kilimanjaro

A team of Indian Air Force mountaineers set off on Friday August 6 on an expedition to summit Mount Elbrus and Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. The team's goal is to place the Indian tricolor flag on top of the Seven Summits.

The six man team is led by Wing Commander R.C. Tripathi. The team also includes squadron leaders Namit Rawat, G.P. Kumar and D. Panda, Junior Warrant Officer N.R. Choudhary and Sergeant J. Singh.

The expedition is set to take place from August 9 to September 4. Each member of the team has expedition experience in the Himalayan region. They expect Mount Elbrus at 5,600 meters high at Mount Kilimanjaro at 5,900 meters high to be attainable.

Air Marshal N.J. Burma gave the tricolor and the Indian Air Force flag to Tripathi on Friday.

The team began this journey in May 2005, when they summitted Mount Everest at 8,840 meters high. The Indian Air Force's ‘Mission Seven Summits’, is being conducted under the aegis of Directorate of Air Force Adventure, the apex bod…

Mount Elbrus Erupts

According to Russian scientists Mount Elbrus is expected to erupt within the next 50 years. If this were to happen, it would dramatically change the climbing world. This would completely disrupt the face of Mount Elbrus and could potentially change the way climbers attack Mount Elbrus.

Russian scientists believe Mount Elbrus will erupt due to several evidentiary facts. The first, according to Natalya Volodicheva, the head of the Elbrus Scientific Research Centre of Moscow State University, is the emission of fumarolic gases and the appearance of thermal springs. The increase in appearances of both of these things suggests that an eruption is in the near future.

Also, the temperature at the peak of Mount Everest is abnormally high. Because of this higher temperature, moss has begun to grow on the cracks of the surface. The growth of moss is another sign of a volcano about to erupt.

The biggest fear of Mount Elbrus erupting is the danger it poses. The melted ice and snow will turn …

First South Korean Father and Son Team Summits Everest

A father and son set a new record for climbers, being the first South Korean father and son team to summit Mount Everest. In the world they are the second father and son team to accomplish this goal. But their story goes beyond record setting; the two set off to summit Mount Everest in remembrance of their wife and mother, who had passed away four months before the summit.

The father, Huh Young-ho, and son, Huh Jae-seok, summited Mount Everest to overcome their suffering for their wife and mother.

Mount Everest was the first family trip the Huh family took. At the age of six, Huh Jae-seok, with his mother and sister, sent off Huh Young-ho to summit Mount Everest. Now, twenty years later, the father and son team completed the task and were able to celebrate the life of their loved one.

Abandoned on Everest Comes to Life

On May 15th, 2006, double amputee Mark Inglis reached the summit of Mt Everest. It was a remarkable achievement and Inglis was feted by the press and public alike. But only a few days later he was plunged into a storm of controversy when it was learned he and his team mates had passed an incapacitated climber, Englishman David Sharp, leaving him to a lonely death high in the Death Zone.

The trials and tribulations Scott Devlon faced in Murder on Everest are very real to those who risk their lives to summit Mount Everest. While climbing, climbers come across the strewn bodies of their predecessors. As people die on the mountain, they fall and become part of the mountain. The snow covers the bodies and they conform to the side of the mountain.

Many of these bodies can never be moved or carried down due to where they lay on the mountain. An even more difficult choice is when climbers come across a dying man and are forced to leave him behind. The choices are tough when climbers need t…

Seven Summit Challenge Taken to a New Level

The seven summits challenge has enticed climbers since Dick Bass was the first to complete it in 1985. Climbing the seven tallest mountains on each of the seven continents has been infamously named the seven summits challenge. Now, three people are planning on taking that challenge to the next level.

Pierre Carter, Marianne Schwankhart and Peter Friedmann plan to not only summit all of the seven summits but also hang glide down from the summits. The trio plans to raise funds for both The Trust and The Smile Foundation while on the expeditions.

As they climb, summit and hang glide down during the expeditions their actions will be photographed and filmed for future documentaries.

Check back for future posts about their summits and flights down!

Amazon's #1 Reviewer Gives Murder on Elbrus 5 Stars

The amount of praising reviews of Murder on Elbrus continues to rise only a few short weeks after being released. Murder on Elbrus was recently reviewed by Harriet Klausner, the #1 ranked reviewer on Amazon.Com who has posted over 21,000 reviews.

According to the celebrated reviewer and author of The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews, Klausner calls Murder on Elburs a terrific tale. Klausner compliments Murder on Elbrus on its ability to not only entertain but enlighten readers on the geographic and political standings of the area surrounding Mount Elbrus.

"Readers obtain a sense of elevated geography for instance how one reaches the summit of Elbrus inside a whodunit with espionage and international geopolitical issues enhancing the thriller," Klausner says in her blog. "Scott is at his best rushing across vividly described war ravaged Chechnya as he has not fully recovered form the ordeal at the top of the world, but now needs to extract himself from a new dangerous situat…

How To Climb Mount Elbrus

Ever wonder what it would take to be one of the great mountaineers? What it would take to be like Kenton Cool, Edmund Hillary or even Scott Devlon? To find out the drama and suspense Scott Devlon experienced in his latest adventure on Mount Elbrus read Murder on Elbrus.

Below is day to day itinerary of what it would take to summit Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, from the traditional route. Every expedition can produce different results, due to weather, experience and skill. Mount Elbrus is known as the most deadly mountain and on average 30 climbers a year never leave the mountainside.

Day one begins with a 2 hour flight from Moscow to Mineralnye Vody, which is the gateway to the Caucasus. From Mineralnye Vody there is a 4 hour bus ride through small towns and villages in the Baksan Valley and ends at a hotel for the night.

Day two begins with a trip to Cheget Glade, the social center of the valley. In order to help climbers acclimate, they can travel from Cheget Glad…

Murder on Elbrus Receives Positive Reviews

Connie's Review Blog is the latest blog to review Murder on Elbrus and reviewed it in an incredible light.

According to Connie, the author of Connie's Review Blog, "Murder on Elbrus is an exciting, fast-paced murder mystery and exposes the fear of ethnic groups and the greed of others for power and control."

Connie loves the intrigue of a good mystery and is an avid reader of murder mystery novels.

Want to decide for yourself? Get a copy of Murder on Elbrus for yourself at Amazon.Com.

Click here to read Connie's entire review of Murder on Elbrus.

Cool and Norris Setting Records for Mountaineers

In March, I announced Kenton Cool's plan to summit Mount Everest for an eighth time and he did it.

Cool, a 36-year-old British climber, accomplished the incredible task of reaching the summit of Mount Everest an eighth time in May. This broke the previous record of summitting seven times, a record he set in 2009. Also on Cool's most recent Everest summit was Bonita Norris. At 22, Norris is now the youngest British woman to summit Everest.

Cool and Norris summitted Mount Everest on May 17th, making leaps and bounds for in the climbing world.

Sneak Peek of Murder on Elbrus

Great news! Murder on Elbrus the latest from my Summit Murder Mystery Series came out this week. In Murder on Everest we again find Scott Devlon, the hero from Murder on Everest and Abandoned on Everest, fighting for his life. This time Devlon endures firefight while racing across countries fleeing from Russian Special Forces after the Russian oil minister mysteriously dies trying to summit Mount Elbrus.

Carol on Amazon.Com says: "Another great read from Irion and Watkins! Action packed adventure, this time to Elbrus. Scott Devlon is a man that finds adventure, intrigue, snipers, and of course Tarja whether he intends to or not. After Murder on Everest, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Murder on Elbrus, I was not disappointed! If you are in to murder mysteries and mountaineering adventures and you haven't read this series, you should check it out!"

I've included a sneak peek of Murder on Elbrus. But I have to warn you, order the book first, because once you start…

Real Life Mimics Summit Murder Novels

There’s been a lot of mountaineering stories in the news lately. Take a recent one about a British climber who was abandoned on Mushroom Rock at 28,000 feet on the side Mount Everest. It reads like the pages from our Summit Murder Mystery Series.

According to the news, Peter Kinloch was a British climber looking to conquer the Seven Summits. On the descent from the summit of Mount Everest, Kinloch appeared to slip and stumble. After the team had descended approximately 1,000 feet, Kinloch confessed he had lost his sight.
The team worked for eight hours in effort to get Kinloch off of the mountain, but at 2 a.m. on May 26, they were forced to leave him to die alone in the cold. It is believed that Kinloch suffered a brain hemorrhage, causing him to suddenly go blind.

This story reminds me of how Scott Devlon (our Summit Murder Mystery hero) faces many of the same challenges presented to Kinloch's team. I always tell people that mountains can be dangerous and can kill you in a l…

Renaming Mt. McKinley

Photo: Nic McPhee
Pictured above is Mt. McKinley also known as Denali. The 20,320 ft mountain is the centerpiece of Denali National Park in Alaska. It's also the location of the Summit Murder Mystery novel "Murder on Mt. McKinley" scheduled to be released the Winter of 2011.
For several years, there have been efforts to rename Mt. McKinley to Denali which means "The Great One". The mountain was named Mt. McKinely after 25th U.S. President William McKinley, Jr. in 1897. The Alaska Board of Geographic Names officially changed the name of mountain to Denali in 1975, even though the U.S. Board of Geographic Names still maintains "McKinley".

Everest Climber Looking to Break Summit Record

Kenton Cool plans to climb Everest for the eighth time, breaking his own record of seven successful Everest summits. Known as one of the UK's leading climbers, Kenton has been climbing for 18 years. In 2007, Kenton summited Everest twice.
Kenton who is a Dream Guides founder, will be making it a double record by guiding 22 year old Bonita Norris, making her the youngest British woman to summit Everest. Bonita leaves for Everest on April 3.

Irion Books Celebrates Read An E-Book Week

Read An E-Book Week will be wrapping up soon. All Irion Books in E-Book formats will be 50% off through Saturday, March 13. This includes the flagship novel of the Summit Murder Series, "Murder on Everest".
Visit and be sure to use discount code: RAE50.

Where Did the Idea for the Summit Murders Start?

China Everest 87 expedition team. Charles Irion pictured (far left)
Interestingly enough, the idea for the Summit Murder Mystery Series started when author Charles Irion was climbing Mount Everest. According to Irion, "I was part of a 1987 Everest expedition. I never planned to attempt a summit but thought the experience would be one of a lifetime. I was right. I reached 21,000 feet, well below the summit, but that was enough for me. Climbing Everest, even with the aid of all the technology now available, is a daunting and dangerous undertaking. What I took away was just how dangerous high altitude climbing is. When the prospect of murder is introduced the possibilities were immediately apparent."

Author Charles Irion Skydives ... Again

Geronimo! That was the word of the day Saturday when author and publisher Charles G. Irion jumped from an airplane. Known for his adventures around the world including climbing Mount Everest, Irion was skydiving in Arizona with a group of friends. The video is a rush!

Murder on Everest Book Preview

Residents at Meridian RV Resort get a preview of the mystery novel "Murder on Everest." Scott Devlon is fast becoming a favorite character in the Summit Murder Series.

Murder on Everest book discussion

Monday there will be a discussion about "Murder on Everest" and "Abandoned on Everest" held at the Meridian RV Resort in Apache Junction ,Arizona.
There are over 100 residents and guests signed up for the event where author Charles Irion will speak and take part in a question and answer session.
This exciting debut novel and prequel novel the first two in a series of 8 books about a murder mystery taking place on one of the highest and deadliest mountains in each of the world's continents. Intrigue ,sex, murder, no one has guessed right who the murderer was until the very end!

facebook ads

we placed facebook ads for our new murder mystery series and the results are amazing!

Murder on Mt McKinley

Ron and I are deep into this new mystery which will be published next year.
The characters will amaze you and the research into the native culture is fascinating. The russians as always want our oil---the environalmentalists will stop at nothing to stop the big companies.----sex, murder, intrigue

press releases

We have finally released press releases for our new murder series

So far we have received back a number of great preliminary reviews and we are awaiting the publication of numerous great reviews by nationally recognized book reviewers.
Ron and I are busy writing the 4 th book in the series Murder on Mt. McKinley
it is very exciting!