Mount Elbrus Erupts

According to Russian scientists Mount Elbrus is expected to erupt within the next 50 years. If this were to happen, it would dramatically change the climbing world. This would completely disrupt the face of Mount Elbrus and could potentially change the way climbers attack Mount Elbrus.

Russian scientists believe Mount Elbrus will erupt due to several evidentiary facts. The first, according to Natalya Volodicheva, the head of the Elbrus Scientific Research Centre of Moscow State University, is the emission of fumarolic gases and the appearance of thermal springs. The increase in appearances of both of these things suggests that an eruption is in the near future.

Also, the temperature at the peak of Mount Everest is abnormally high. Because of this higher temperature, moss has begun to grow on the cracks of the surface. The growth of moss is another sign of a volcano about to erupt.

The biggest fear of Mount Elbrus erupting is the danger it poses. The melted ice and snow will turn into mud slides. Scientists expect the mud slides to flow at 72 kilometers per hour. The mud slides will destroy all settlements on the mountain and reach the administrative centre of Kabardino-Balkaria, Tyrnyauz, where over 20 thousand people live.


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