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Eco Everest Expedition Reaches Summit of Everest

Apa Sherpa has done it again! Apa Sherpa has beat his own Guiness Book of World Record and has summited Mount Everest for the 21st time. This time Apa Sherpa was accompanied by Dawa Steven Sherpa and the Eco Everest Expedition.

The expedition team reached the summit on May 11th and is working towards bringing recognition to the clean-up attempts of Mount Everest. Climbers who pursue the summit of Mount Everest are plagued by trash strewn campsites. For the past four years the Eco Everest Expeditions have worked to create a cleaner Everest.

Since the organization's foundation in 2008, climbers on Eco Everest Expeditions have brought down over 26,000 pounds of trash left behind by past climbers.

Climber Tweets from Everest Summit

May 6th marked a significant day for Mount Everest. British climber, Kenton Cool, successfully tweeted from the summit of Mount Everest. From his twitter handle: @KentonCool, Cool told the world, "Everest summit no.9! 1st tweet from the top of the world thanks to a weak 3G signal and the awesome Samsung Galaxy S2 handset."

Ncell launched the 3G service on Everest last year. Because of Ncell, video calling is also available on Everest from the height of 5,000 meters. Video communication allows for climbers to have safer climbs and better communication from the side of the mountain to the base. Ncell has nine base stations on the mountain and plans to add five more to strengthen the signal on Everest.

Malaysian Climbers Attempt Everest for Cancer Patients

At the end of April, eight Malaysians began an attempt to climb the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. They hope to raise money for cancer patients in need of funds for their medical treatments.

The expedition is being led by Dr. Arunan Sevaraj. Climbers expect the expedition to end around May 12th. All proceeds of the climb will go to the National Cancer Council (Makna) and will help to ease the burden of the patients in need.

The climbing crew calls themselves "The Rainbow" and has a vast amount of climbing experience. Their experience includes Mount Kinabalu, Mount Nuang, Mount Jerai, Cameron Highlands and Mount Datuk.

Currently there are 1,219 cancer patients in need of funding. Since the establishment of Manka in 1995, 17,407 cancer patients have been helped at 86 different hospitals nationwide.

Eco Everest Expedition 2011

Dawa Steven Sherpa, managing director of Asian Trekking Nepal, and Apa Sherpa, world record holder of 20 ascents of Mount Everest, have prepared for another summit of Mount Everest. Together the Sherpa will lead the Eco Everest Expedition 2011. The expedition began in late April.

The Eco Everest Expedition has conducted successful expeditions beginning in 2008, 2009 and 2010. On the 2011 expedition, there will be 23 climbers. The team is large, but Dawa Steven Sherpa has had experience in leading teams of this size previously.

Eco Everest Expedition has been organized to create international awareness about the impact of climate change in the Himalayas. It also shows the effects on mountain communities that live at the base of the mountains.

On the expedition, climbers will use alternative energy solutions such as solar energy for cooking, lighting and water purification. The expedition will also focus on cleaning Mount Everest. Since its foundation in 2008, Eco Everest Expedition…

Summer in the City Fashion Show

Irion Books LLC is joining up with K2 Adventures Foundation for the Summer in the City Fashion Show on May 14th, 2011. It is an effort to help change the lives of underprivileged and disabled children in Phoenix and around the world. The fashion show is a fund raising event for Hacienda Healthcare of Phoenix, Arizona and the Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind in Tanzania, Africa. Taking place at the Montelucia Resort at 4949 E. Lincoln Dr in Phoenix, Arizona.

Irion Books is acting as a sponsor to the event. Charles Irion founder and author of Irion Books also serves on the planning committee for the Summer in the City Fashion Show.

Hacienda Healthcare provides specialized services for medically fragile and chronically ill infants, children and young adults in Arizona. Contributions to the K2 Adventures Foundations have provided technology enhancements and will provide children the opportunity to attend camps.

Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind is located in Moshi, Tanzan…