Eco Everest Expedition Reaches Summit of Everest

Apa Sherpa has done it again! Apa Sherpa has beat his own Guiness Book of World Record and has summited Mount Everest for the 21st time. This time Apa Sherpa was accompanied by Dawa Steven Sherpa and the Eco Everest Expedition.

The expedition team reached the summit on May 11th and is working towards bringing recognition to the clean-up attempts of Mount Everest. Climbers who pursue the summit of Mount Everest are plagued by trash strewn campsites. For the past four years the Eco Everest Expeditions have worked to create a cleaner Everest.

Since the organization's foundation in 2008, climbers on Eco Everest Expeditions have brought down over 26,000 pounds of trash left behind by past climbers.


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