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Taking another look

Chuck decided we needed another set of skilled eyes to go through Murder on Everest before turning over to the artist to design the interior and cover prior to publication. I didn't think it was necessary as the book had been well vetted already. But was I glad we did it. Though there were few errors or corrections there were enough. Which only goes to show you can't be too careful. I'm looking forward to holding the final product in my hands after all this work.

Chuck is back from a short vacation and called with additional comments and corrections to Murder on Elbrus. Good stuff and a good judgement.

We're on to Murder on Mt. McKinley this week having worked out a very clever plot.

Everest relived and My Birthday bash 09

A great birthday party for me at the ball park!-ron and I were busy most of the day getting the summit murder series website outlined with the webmasters--This will be a great site full of exciting things for the reader to see . There will be 8 books in total including Abandoned on Everest. Hopefully we'll be publishing the first of the series Murder on Everest in october----What a thrilling adventure to write about--I really relived alot of the hardships I encountered when I was on Everest in 1987. Happy Birthday to me!--chuck

murder on elbrus

well--ron and I just finished murder on elbrus--the highest mt on the european continent---wow what a great read!-----we have alot of work to do edits re-writes but i think you'll like it when its available!