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Murder on Everest - .99!

Scott Devlon is the hero of the Summit Murder Mystery Series.  Working for the Defense Intelligence Agency, he is sent on mission after mission to each of the world’s seven continental summits.  An avid adventurer and mountain climber, he continues to face each challenge head on and with determined perseverance to get off each mountain alive.

Scott’s first climb up Mt. Everest was devastating due to the death of Derek Sodoc, Scott’s friend and fellow climbing enthusiast.  Following the climb, Quentin Stern wrote a “tell all” book about the climb, which resulted in Derek’s Father being convinced that foul play was involved in the death of his son, instead of due to the natural elements and dangers the mountain itself presents.  Mr. Sodoc gathers all the climbers from the first Mt. Everest trek to retrieve Derek’s body in which is told in Murder on Everest.  It becomes quite clear however, that Mr. Sodoc has more than just laying his son to rest on his mind with this dange…