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Lincoln Hall, Survivor of Mt. Everest's Death Zone, Has Died

Our condolences with the family of Lincoln Hall.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
From obituary

AUSTRALIAN MOUNTAINEER, LINCOLN HALL has died last night after a short but typically spirited battle with mesothelioma.

His wife Barbara and long-time friends and fellow mountaineers Tenzing Sherpa and Greg Mortimer were with him. Greg, the Australian Geographic Society's deputy chairman, phoned this morning to deliver the sad news.

"It was very peaceful in the end, around 11.45 last night," Greg said. "Lincoln got into quiet, rhythmic breathing - it was almost meditative - and then he quietly slipped away."

A brilliant, witty and open-hearted man, Lincoln was a key member of the 1984 Australian Everest Expedition that put the first two Aussies - Tim Macartney-Snape and Greg Mortimer - atop the world's highest mountain, and came within a few hundred meters of the summit himself. Lincoln's story of the expedition, White Limbo, is a classic of moun…

Cover Contest WINNER

We are very excited to announce the winner of our 'We Want You - Cover Contest'!  If you recall, we ran a contest for several months asking readers to help us choose the cover for the final book in our Summit Murder Mystery Series, Murder on Kilimanjaro.  The winner of the contest will receive a copy of all seven books in the series!  
Congratulations to....
Thank you to everyone that entered!  Winning by 54% is the cover pictured below!  Stay tuned for more information about the Summit Murder Mystery Series!  We will be releasing Murder on Vinson Massif next month and Murder on Kilimanjaro in September!

For more information about the Summit Murder Mystery Series, please visit our Summit Murder Mystery Series site by clicking HERE

2 Missing After Fire at Brazil's Antarctic Base

SAO PAULO, Brazil - A fire at Brazil's research station in Antarctica left two people missing and forced the evacuation by helicopter of 44 people at the base, the Brazilian Navy said. 

The blaze broke out in the morning in the machine room that houses the energy generators of the Comandante Ferraz station, the navy said in an emailed statement.

The website of the O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper said the two missing men died in the fire.  The navy's press office declined to comment.

The statement said one man suffered non-life threatening injuries and that the 44 people at the station at the time of the fire were transferred to Chile's Eduardo Frei station.

In a second statement, the navy said the efforts to extinguish the fire were suspended due to bad weather. 

The firefighting crew was evacuated to the Chilean base and will return once the weather improves.

Chile's Defense Minister Andres Allamand told reporters the fire had "completely destroyed" the base.…

Everest Climber Warns of Flood Risks in Himalayas

Before Apa became a legendary Sherpa mountaineer, he was a humble Himalayan potato farmer who worked his fields in the Everest foothills until, without warning, raging floodwaters swallowed his farm.

The flash flood - unleashed when a mountain lake fed by melting glacier waters burst its banks - destroyed homes, bridges and a hydroelectric plant. Apa scrambled up a hill, but at least five neighbors were swept away.

Twenty-six years later, after scaling the world's highest mountain a record 21 times, Apa is on a quest to draw attention to the danger of more devastating floods as glacial melt caused by climate change fills mountain lakes to the bursting point.

The 51-year-old Apa, who like most Sherpas uses only one name, is trekking the length of Nepal to warn villagers to prepare themselves for change. A third of the way along his 120-day journey, he has already seen many lakes that look ready to spill. "If it happens again, many villages would be washed away and l…