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Renaming Mt. McKinley

Photo: Nic McPhee
Pictured above is Mt. McKinley also known as Denali. The 20,320 ft mountain is the centerpiece of Denali National Park in Alaska. It's also the location of the Summit Murder Mystery novel "Murder on Mt. McKinley" scheduled to be released the Winter of 2011.
For several years, there have been efforts to rename Mt. McKinley to Denali which means "The Great One". The mountain was named Mt. McKinely after 25th U.S. President William McKinley, Jr. in 1897. The Alaska Board of Geographic Names officially changed the name of mountain to Denali in 1975, even though the U.S. Board of Geographic Names still maintains "McKinley".

Everest Climber Looking to Break Summit Record

Kenton Cool plans to climb Everest for the eighth time, breaking his own record of seven successful Everest summits. Known as one of the UK's leading climbers, Kenton has been climbing for 18 years. In 2007, Kenton summited Everest twice.
Kenton who is a Dream Guides founder, will be making it a double record by guiding 22 year old Bonita Norris, making her the youngest British woman to summit Everest. Bonita leaves for Everest on April 3.

Irion Books Celebrates Read An E-Book Week

Read An E-Book Week will be wrapping up soon. All Irion Books in E-Book formats will be 50% off through Saturday, March 13. This includes the flagship novel of the Summit Murder Series, "Murder on Everest".
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Where Did the Idea for the Summit Murders Start?

China Everest 87 expedition team. Charles Irion pictured (far left)
Interestingly enough, the idea for the Summit Murder Mystery Series started when author Charles Irion was climbing Mount Everest. According to Irion, "I was part of a 1987 Everest expedition. I never planned to attempt a summit but thought the experience would be one of a lifetime. I was right. I reached 21,000 feet, well below the summit, but that was enough for me. Climbing Everest, even with the aid of all the technology now available, is a daunting and dangerous undertaking. What I took away was just how dangerous high altitude climbing is. When the prospect of murder is introduced the possibilities were immediately apparent."

Author Charles Irion Skydives ... Again

Geronimo! That was the word of the day Saturday when author and publisher Charles G. Irion jumped from an airplane. Known for his adventures around the world including climbing Mount Everest, Irion was skydiving in Arizona with a group of friends. The video is a rush!