Malaysian Climbers Attempt Everest for Cancer Patients

At the end of April, eight Malaysians began an attempt to climb the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. They hope to raise money for cancer patients in need of funds for their medical treatments.

The expedition is being led by Dr. Arunan Sevaraj. Climbers expect the expedition to end around May 12th. All proceeds of the climb will go to the National Cancer Council (Makna) and will help to ease the burden of the patients in need.

The climbing crew calls themselves "The Rainbow" and has a vast amount of climbing experience. Their experience includes Mount Kinabalu, Mount Nuang, Mount Jerai, Cameron Highlands and Mount Datuk.

Currently there are 1,219 cancer patients in need of funding. Since the establishment of Manka in 1995, 17,407 cancer patients have been helped at 86 different hospitals nationwide.


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