Eco Everest Expedition 2011

Dawa Steven Sherpa, managing director of Asian Trekking Nepal, and Apa Sherpa, world record holder of 20 ascents of Mount Everest, have prepared for another summit of Mount Everest. Together the Sherpa will lead the Eco Everest Expedition 2011. The expedition began in late April.

The Eco Everest Expedition has conducted successful expeditions beginning in 2008, 2009 and 2010. On the 2011 expedition, there will be 23 climbers. The team is large, but Dawa Steven Sherpa has had experience in leading teams of this size previously.

Eco Everest Expedition has been organized to create international awareness about the impact of climate change in the Himalayas. It also shows the effects on mountain communities that live at the base of the mountains.

On the expedition, climbers will use alternative energy solutions such as solar energy for cooking, lighting and water purification. The expedition will also focus on cleaning Mount Everest. Since its foundation in 2008, Eco Everest Expedition has brought down more than 12,000 kg of garbage left behind by previous climbers.


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