First South Korean Father and Son Team Summits Everest

A father and son set a new record for climbers, being the first South Korean father and son team to summit Mount Everest. In the world they are the second father and son team to accomplish this goal. But their story goes beyond record setting; the two set off to summit Mount Everest in remembrance of their wife and mother, who had passed away four months before the summit.

The father, Huh Young-ho, and son, Huh Jae-seok, summited Mount Everest to overcome their suffering for their wife and mother.

Mount Everest was the first family trip the Huh family took. At the age of six, Huh Jae-seok, with his mother and sister, sent off Huh Young-ho to summit Mount Everest. Now, twenty years later, the father and son team completed the task and were able to celebrate the life of their loved one.


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