Mission Seven Summits Sets Off for Elbrus and Kilimanjaro

A team of Indian Air Force mountaineers set off on Friday August 6 on an expedition to summit Mount Elbrus and Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. The team's goal is to place the Indian tricolor flag on top of the Seven Summits.

The six man team is led by Wing Commander R.C. Tripathi. The team also includes squadron leaders Namit Rawat, G.P. Kumar and D. Panda, Junior Warrant Officer N.R. Choudhary and Sergeant J. Singh.

The expedition is set to take place from August 9 to September 4. Each member of the team has expedition experience in the Himalayan region. They expect Mount Elbrus at 5,600 meters high at Mount Kilimanjaro at 5,900 meters high to be attainable.

Air Marshal N.J. Burma gave the tricolor and the Indian Air Force flag to Tripathi on Friday.

The team began this journey in May 2005, when they summitted Mount Everest at 8,840 meters high. The Indian Air Force's ‘Mission Seven Summits’, is being conducted under the aegis of Directorate of Air Force Adventure, the apex body looking after various adventure activities like sky diving, para gliding, paramotor, mountaineering, skiing, trekking, white water rafting, sailing and mountain terrain biking.

The last peak as a part of the mission will be attempted in December to climb Mt Vinson Massif in Antarctica.


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