Air Force Seven Summit Challenge

The Air Force Seven Summit Challenge is travelling to Antarctica's Vinson Massif. At the top of the 16,076 foot mountain, two airmen plan to do pushups to raise money for the children of Special Ops warriors. Rob Marshall and Graydon Muller will leave on November 24.

Supporters have pledged monetary donations for each pushup performed and foot climbed by the two Hurlburt Field pilots. All of the funds go to the Special Operations Warrior Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides scholarships to the children of airmen who have been killed in battle or training accidents.

The group of Air Force climbers has raised more than $40,000 from previous ascents. They hope to raise at least $10,000 on the Antarctica climb.

Marshall, who is a member of the 8th Special Operations Squadron, started the challenge to show the strength of the Air Force.

Muller, a member of the 6th Special Operations Squadron, hopes the team will set a world record as the first military team to complete the Seven Summits challenge by climbing the highest peaks on the seven continents. Vinson will be the fifth summit they have climbed.

Currently, the airmen have climbed Mount Elbrus, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Aconcagua and Mount McKinley.

Vinson Massif has a relatively low elevation and the climb is only moderately difficult compared to the others. The challenges come from its isolated location, extreme temperatures and potential for hazardous winds.

The airmen are attempting one climb a year and are expecting to complete the Seven Summits by 2012.


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