The Internet Reaches New Heights: Mount Everest

Technology has officially reached new heights! Mount Everest, the highest point on earth, has received internet connection. Climbers can surf the web, send a Tweet and make phone calls from the summit of Mt Everest.

Until now, climbers were forced to carry heavy and expensive satellite equipment to transmit information and images from base camp. On the climb, mountaineers carry hand held VHF radios to talk with base camp, though an expedition might also carry a satellite phone to contact sponsors and family.

Because of NCell, this is no longer needed. Climbers now have access to wireless internet and telecoms at the peak. This will greatly increase the safety for climbers on Everest. Distress calls from the death zone will be heard and answered more quickly due to this new technology. Satellite phones are infamous for poor reception at the top of Everest; the opportunity of internet on Everest has now solved this problem.

Interactivity between climbers and the outside world has now been increased. Several tweets have been sent from the summit of Everest. The internet connection opens many doors for climbers to communicate through audio and video while climbing.


  1. yeah it does make it safe..but what is the need to make it safer..why not try and make a road right to the summit. I am sure that will make it a lot safer as well.


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