Real Life Mimics Summit Murder Novels

There’s been a lot of mountaineering stories in the news lately. Take a recent one about a British climber who was abandoned on Mushroom Rock at 28,000 feet on the side Mount Everest. It reads like the pages from our Summit Murder Mystery Series.

According to the news, Peter Kinloch was a British climber looking to conquer the Seven Summits. On the descent from the summit of Mount Everest, Kinloch appeared to slip and stumble. After the team had descended approximately 1,000 feet, Kinloch confessed he had lost his sight.

The team worked for eight hours in effort to get Kinloch off of the mountain, but at 2 a.m. on May 26, they were forced to leave him to die alone in the cold. It is believed that Kinloch suffered a brain hemorrhage, causing him to suddenly go blind.

This story reminds me of how Scott Devlon (our Summit Murder Mystery hero) faces many of the same challenges presented to Kinloch's team. I always tell people that mountains can be dangerous and can kill you in a lot of different ways. From high altitude, bad weather to ill preparation, it can be a recipe for a disaster.


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