Amazon's #1 Reviewer Gives Murder on Elbrus 5 Stars

The amount of praising reviews of Murder on Elbrus continues to rise only a few short weeks after being released. Murder on Elbrus was recently reviewed by Harriet Klausner, the #1 ranked reviewer on Amazon.Com who has posted over 21,000 reviews.

According to the celebrated reviewer and author of The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews, Klausner calls Murder on Elburs a terrific tale. Klausner compliments Murder on Elbrus on its ability to not only entertain but enlighten readers on the geographic and political standings of the area surrounding Mount Elbrus.

"Readers obtain a sense of elevated geography for instance how one reaches the summit of Elbrus inside a whodunit with espionage and international geopolitical issues enhancing the thriller," Klausner says in her blog. "Scott is at his best rushing across vividly described war ravaged Chechnya as he has not fully recovered form the ordeal at the top of the world, but now needs to extract himself from a new dangerous situation in which he unsure who to trust."

Klausner was born with the gift of speed reading and has used her skills to educate other readers on praiseworthy books. To read the rest of Klausner's review click here.


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