Mt. Everest Explorer Visits Wisconsin Students

Arctic explorer, Eric Larsen, who has spent the past 15 years traveling the globe to some of the most remote places on Earth, spoke with Wisconsin students about his world record expedition and the effects of global warming. Larsen completed an expedition to both the North and South Poles and Mount Everest in 333 days. His mission was titled "Save the Poles" and he worked to bring attention to global warming.

To the Superior middle school students Larsen gave the advice:

"I often say just begin with one step and I think that's a way to solve not only problems on expeditions but other things in life, as well as the issue of climate change. That seems like a big problem that you almost don't want to do anything because you think what could I possibly do, and I think it's important to at least take that first step."

For now, Larsen plans to continue his efforts in climate change, but hasn't ruled out another expedition in the future.


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