Soldiers to Summit: A Himalayan Experience

An exciting expedition is taking place in the Everest Region and began on October 2nd! Soldiers to Summit: A Himalayan Experience consists of a team of 11 retired disabled U.S. soldiers, 10 Mount Everest climbers and two summits. These soldiers will struggle together to reach their objective of reaching both summits.

The soldiers attempting to complete the expedition include: Steve Baskis, Chad Butrick, Ashley Crandall, Aaron Isaacson, Chad Jukes, Cody Miranda, Nicolette Maroulis, Justin Moore, Matt Nyman, Katherine Ragazzino and Dan Sidles. These men and women have served the United States military and have been given honorary discharged due to various ailments. Nicolette Maroulis spent three years in a wheel chair, but through multiple surgeries she has relearned to walk. Steve Baskis is blind and little motor skills in his left hand.

Mount Lobuche and Mount Kala Pattar are in the Everest Region. The trail to the summit of Lobuche is steep and technically challenging as it is covered in snow and ice. The trail to the summit of Kala Pattar is known for its rocky slopes. The expedition is scheduled to continue till October 21st.


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