Two for the Price of One

Within Murder on Everest there is another book entitled Abandoned on Everest. It, more than anything else, is the motive for billionaire Michael Sodoc assembling this particular team of mountaineers to climb Everest and recover his son's body. There is, of course, much more to the plot, as nothing is what it initially seems. Abandoned on Everest, or AOE, was written by Quentin Stern, a reporter for the mythical National Inquisitor. It is described as a cheesy tell-all, a book written in the style we all know from supermarket waiting lines. Racy stuff.

Once Murder on Everest, or MOE, was written, Chuck Irion and I were discussing the next step when Chuck, creative genius that he is, suggested we actually write AOE. Why not? I thought, and so, we did.

The books are not a matched set, that is, you do not have to read them both. You can read either by itself, though we believe anyone reading one will want to read the other. They are very different books, telling in part a story that overlaps in part.

We await a clever publisher, one who can see the marketing opportunity the two books provide. Two for the price of one and the Summit Murder Series is off and running. Or we might just do it ourselves.


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