Murder on Kilimanjaro Excerpt

I know a lot of you are getting very excited for the release of Murder on Kilimanjaro!  It will be here in the next couple weeks!!  I can't wait for you all to read it.  While you are waiting, I thought I would give you this sneak peek!  Enjoy!

The president was ahead in a slight cluster, the Secret Service agents forming a wall around him.  A few of those most trusted were admitted to congratulate them and have their photographs taken.

In fact, cameras broke out everywhere.  Guides joined me to have their pictures taken, as did others.  Tired as we were, exhausted as were many of us, we’d made it and for a few minutes we savored the joy of accomplishment.  Camera flashes formed round, silent bursts of light.

The snowfall was very heavy, whipping down on us in a violent wind.  I turned to find Diana, to savor this moment with her when I heard the sounds of rapid gunfire coming from the president’s group.  It was answered almost at once by other weapons.  Instinctively, I threw myself to the ground, crawled toward Diana, as more shots pierced the howling wind amid anguished calls of pain


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