Dupre Abandons Solo Mt McKinley Climb

After seven days and six nights at 17,200 feet, spent mostly inside a 3x3x6 foot snow trench, Lonnie Dupre was depleted of his strength and was forced to turn back from being the first person to summit Mt. McKinley in January alone. Extreme weather was the reason Dupre found himself trapped in a snow trench and forced to turn back.

With winds up to 100 mph, temperatures reaching -50 degrees and a 5.4 magnitude earthquake, the weather was too uncontrollable and dangerous for Dupre to continue to the summit. Dupre has been on numerous polar adventures, including several to Alaska. If he had been successful, Dupre would have been the first person to summit Mt. McKinley alone in January. In Alaska during the month of January, there is very limited sunlight.

The first successful winter climb of Mt. McKinley came in 1967. Ray Genet, Dave Johnston and Art Davidson reached the summit in February of 1967.


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