Slingfin Creates New Climbing Tent Possibilities

High altitude climbers have a new option for shelter while scaling mountains. Slingfin has designed a tent, which according to the company, all of the components are equally strong, making the tent stronger as a whole.

Based on Web Truss technology, Slingfin tents are designed to increase strength and are easier to set up. The system is constructed out a series of poles that fit into a continuous tent structure. All of the tent poles are made from aluminum and are the same length. This allows climbers to pitch the tent easier and faster. The company has also added reflective strips, in case the tent is assembled in the dark.

The tents range in size from standard alpine and mountaineering tents to a 23 foot dome. Smaller structures are used for sleeping quarters for climbers, while the larger ones are used as dining halls and communication centers.

Slingfin was created by industry veterans Martin Zemitis and Timothy Baka, both co-founders of Mountain Hardwear. Beyond the mountaineering tent, Slingfin has a whole line of products planned in other outdoor areas such as paddle sports, climbing and backpacking. All tents can be purchased from the company website.


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