Lost Japanese Climber in Himalayans Survives for 12 Days

Recently, Makiko Iwafuchi, a 49-year-old Japanese woman, went missing for 12 days in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. After she was found she explained how she survived by eating bamboo shoots and drinking water.

Makiko left her hotel on May 25 to trek to a nearby lake in Gosaikunda, a religious site for Hindus located at an altitude of 4380 meters. Unfortunately, she lost her way in a forest and was only saved when a group found her by accident.

"The trail seemed pretty clear and I thought I would not get lost. I was confused and took the wrong trail," Makiko told reporters in Kathmandu. Makiko is an experienced trekker and hiker.

For two days she didn't move and stayed in a small cave. To keep herself fed, Makiko ate leaves, bamboo shoots and kept herself hydrated by consistently drinking water.

Makiko formerly traded jewelry but is now a full-time traveler. Upon her rescue she appeared exhausted and had minor injuries to her feet, but otherwise suffered no serious effects from her ordeal.

Nepal hosts thousands of trekkers and mountaineers annually. The country has eight of the world's 14 peaks over 8000 meters, including the highest, Mount Everest, at 8848 meters.


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