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Today we bring you another educational Mt. Aconcagua post!  This time we are talking about the weather on the mountain!  Take a look...

The weather in Park Aconcagua, severe and at times extreme, is one of the most important obstacles that those wanting to embark on the climb should consider.  It is fundamental that visitors be cautious and respectful.  The principle factors to keep in mind when climbing this Mount are the extremely low humidity, the intense solar radiation, the strong winds that habitually whip through the area, the large temperature range, the electric storms, and the rapid changes in weather conditions.  It is not unheard of to have a sunny day with little wind suddenly change into a bone chilling day with intense winds and snow storms.

These conditions can happen all at once, and even though it has a lower elevation the factors listed above make Mount Aconcagua comparable to an 8000 meter Himalayan ascent. The dryness of the environment can make you lose a large amount of bodily liquids, and for this reason it is imperative to keep yourself hydrated.  Because of the solar radiation, you will be forced to wear solar protection.
The large thermal fluctuation can make high temperatures in base camp rise to 25º C and make low temperatures fall to -7º C in just one day.  In the altitude camps the high and low temperatures fluctuate dramatically.

The electric storms usually fall on upper camps, making the ascent and our stay in these areas more difficult. The strong winds can bring extreme wind chill. Snow storms can limit visibility to a few meters and make mountaineers seek immediate shelter.  Several inches of snow can fall in just a few hours, covering the trails and occasionally causing disorientation.

Above an altitude of 5000 meters during the summer, it is possible to have temperatures of -20º at night. At the summit, temperatures can reach -30ºC during the day.

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*weather information and picture from Aconcagua Adventures


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