My Thunderbird License Plate

As an alumnus of the class of 1975, I was excited to read about the availability of the Thunderbird license plate and was one of the first to purchase it.  There is a dramatic tie in to Thunderbird and what I do for business which is writing murder mysteries about the highest mountains on each of the world's seven continents, Murder on Everest, Murder on Everest, Murder on Mt. McKinley, Murder on Puncak Jaya, Murder on Aconcagua, Murder on Vinson Massif and Murder on Kilimanjaro, all of which are available on the Thunderbird Bookshelf.
One of my philanthropic endeavors is Project C.U.R.E. of which I am currently an advisory board member here in Phoenix AZ.  Project C.U.R.E. is the largest supplier of donated medical equipment in the world.  Project C.U.R.E. has touched lives in over 120 countries to date.  I've been involved in a number of missions with Project C.U.R.E., to South American countries as well as African countries. 
The license plate encompasses the globe in the background, which symbolizes not only my murder mystery series, but my philanthropic endeavors.  Thank you Thunderbird for making this possible! 


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