The Allen Letter Reviews Murder on Aconcagua

Great new review from the Allen Letter!  For those of you that aren't familiar with the Allen Letter, it is a Professional Journal for the Manufactured Housing Industry.  Their newsletter publishes monthly, and inside May's edition is a great review for Murder on Aconcagua.  

"Does the name Charles (Chuck) Irion ring a mental bell with you? By now, it should!  Why?  He's the veteran LLCommunity owner who has fashioned a second career for himself as an author in general, a mystery writer in particular.  I've reviewed several of Chuck's books in past issues of the Allen Letter professional journal.  This time around, I've got a 'winner' for you.  His Murder on Aconcagua, 'A Summit Murder Mystery' is well done, but most important, is his first real 'page-turner'.  I read it during my flight to Las Vegas (MHCongress) a few weeks ago, and 'time just flew by', as I got to know his characters, learned more about mountain climbing, and tried to figure out the 'who-done-it' along the way.  To get your copy of Murder on Aconcagua, or any of his and his co-author's other books, for that matter, visit  Better yet, express your interest to Tell her "George sent me!"  What's next Chuck?"

Thank you so much for the great review George Allen!! 

For more information about Charles Irion, please CLICK HERE
For more information about the Summit Murder Mystery series, CLICK HERE


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