Murder on Kilimanjaro Review

In my inbox today I received a great five star review of Murder on Kilimanjaro!  Take a look...

As I was reading this book I was saddened knowing that this was the final climb of the Summit Murder Mystery series. On the upside there are three more books I have not read yet. This storyline was so realistic, the incidents on the climb could really have been pulled out of the newspapers. Once again we go along with Scott Devlon, Tom and Natasha, Dr.Calvin, Tarja and Quentin Stern. The President of the United States is also along for this ride. This story has all the twists and turns of a true mystery, it keeps you guessing until the the very end. From descriptions of the locale, Tanzania would be a wonderful place to visit.

Even if you have not read any of the Summit Murder Mysteries, you must at least read this one as it will pull you in to read the other ones. Although a series, they can all stand alone.

Much applause and thanks to our two fine authors, Charles G. Irion and Ronald J.Watkins. 
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