New Book Review - Murder on Everst

 Very excited to share this amazing review with you from The Indie Bookshelf of Murder on EverestMurder on Everest is the first book in the Summit Murder Mystery series.

In Murder on Everest when Derek Sodoc, only son of the world's richest and most powerful man dies attempting to climb Mt. Everest, questions are raised. Was it the mountain that sealed his fate? Or perhaps something more sinister?  After reading the book Abandoned on Everest that details Derek Sodoc's untimely death, Sodoc's father convinces the surviving expedition members to return to Everest - presumably to recover Derek's body. With billions at stake and a relentless father searching for someone to blame, everyone is a suspect. Set against the backdrop of the world's highest and deadliest mountain, Murder on Everest is filled with intrigue, sex, betrayal and mystery. It is unlike any murder mystery you've ever read.

Thank you very much to Janna Mashburn for reading and reviewing my novel.  I'm looking forward to getting you the other books in the series!

Janna's review -
 I have no desire to climb the tallest mountain in the world, but after reading this book, I have somewhat of  an idea of what a climber goes through. The authors of this book described the perils and experiences perfectly while adding a murder mystery to keep you guessing right until the very end. Both authors did a great job of explaining the terms used in the book so you weren't confused. Each scene was described so realistically, and I was really intrigued and amazed by some of the dangers these climbers experienced.

Now, on to the murder mystery part....this book has a murder and no one knows who did it. There is a prequel to this novel named 'Abadoned on Everest', but "Murder on Everest' references the prequels story so you are not confused. Scott Devlon is the main character, and he is back to help find the murderer of Dereck Sodoc. Devlon was the last one to see Derek before his death, and the characters in this story are on a mission to bring his dead body down from Everest.

I enjoyed all of the characters, there was such a melting pot of personalities, some adding comic relief and others drama. You really get a feel for each character's internal and external struggles while on the mountain. Physical strength is not the only component in these adventures, you must be able to endure much more than that.

I recommend this book to readers who love an adventure story with some mystery.

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