Murder on Kilimanjaro - New Review

I'm thrilled to share this new review from one of my favorite reviewers The Midwest Book Review.  Thank you very much to editor-in-chief James A. Cox for a wonderful review!

“The country can wait when family is on the line.  “Murder on Kilimanjaro” is an entry into Charles G. Irion & Ronald J. Watkins’ Summit Murder Mystery series.  Scott Devlon is hired to be the president’s guide as he looks for his lost son on the top of Africa’s tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro.  Finding that this guidance job goes beyond being bizarre because it’s for an American president, there may be more that hangs in the balance than a son, a president, or his country.  “Murder on Kilimanjaro” is well worth considering for lovers of mystery and suspense.”  – The Midwest Book Review

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