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Moshi Dr. Msengi Demands Public Support to Protect Mt. Kilimanjaro

Moshi District Commissioner has appealed to the public to participate in the conservation of natural resources in their respective areas to protect Mt Kilimanjaro’s buffer zone.

Dr Ibrahim Msengi said environmental conservation particularly on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro is crucial and called on everyone to join government efforts on environmental protection.
He was speaking with the Village, Ward and Division Executive Officers here in Moshi over the weekend.
“Despite government’s efforts in collaboration with other environmental stakeholders to provide much education to the ‘wananchi’ on the importance of environmental conservation, the problem of destroying environment persists,” Dr Msengi explained.
According to the DC, the problem is also fueled by bad elements in the village, ward and division executive officers who failed in the implementation of their responsibilities.
He said some of them actually participate fully in ruining the environment by cutting down trees.
Dr Msengi appealed to Moshi residents who know leaders who are colluding with people ruin the environment in pursuit of selfish interests should report them to authorities so as to take legal action against them.
Poverty and environmental degradation are twins and their parent is ignorance. The efforts made by the government and non governmental organizations are meaningless if Tanzanians themselves will not take part in the fight against environmental degradation.
Although the government through the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) has been advocating for environmental preservation, most Tanzanians were doing the opposite.
Tanzanians ought to understand that environmental degradation have negative consequences, such as food shortage.
Crops provide good yields depending on the availability of reliable rainfall, good irrigation and use of acceptable and quality manure, among other factors. Forests and bushes attract rainfall, which is a key factor in supporting agricultural activities.
In Kilimanjaro region, the government and other environmental stakeholders including NGOs, CBOs, and some companies in collaboration with the Kilimanjaro National park (KINAPA), have made several efforts to conserve the environment, targeting Mt Kilimanjaro ‘buffer zone’.

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Article source: IPP Media


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