Sherpa Breaks Seven Summits Climbing Record

In effort to raise money for the Himalayan Woman and Children Foundation, Ang Chhriring Sherpa has beat the World Record for time climbing the Seven Summits. In just 42 days of actual climbing, Ang completed all seven summits.

The individual times for each of the peaks are:
Mount McKinley - 12 days
Mount Kilimanjaro - 16 hours, 37 minutes
Mount Elbrus - 8 hours, 14 minutes
Mount Kosciusko - 2 hours, 32 minutes
Mount Aconcagua - 7 days
Mount Everest - 19 days

The Himalayan Women and Children Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping educate women and provide basic health care and other services for those living in the Himalayan mountains. Ang and his wife, Dr. Allison Han, a dentist, also have a free mobile dental and medical clinic in Sallari, Nepal.


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