WiFi on Mount Everest

In today's world people are incredibly interconnected wirelessly. Through the capabilities of WiFi anyone around has the opportunity to check email, upload video clips and pictures or chat on web based arenas such as Skype. Over the past year, eight 3G base stations were installed by Ncell and began operating on Mount Everest.

As with anything, there are pros and cons to Mount Everest being internet accessible. Having internet on Mount Everest will save lives. Climbers will have better access to weather higher or lower on the mountain. Lost climbers will be able to more easily signal for help. The search crews will be able to find the lost climbers more accurately and faster.

People interested in Mount Everest will be able to see it in real time, without actually climbing it. Knowledge and safety procedures will greatly increase with the ability to access the internet on Mount Everest.

Unfortunately, this will also take some of the mystique away from this mountain. Mount Everest is thought of as a goddess by many. It is the highest point on earth and marks an incredible feat for any climber.


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