New Review of Murder on Aconcagua

AWESOME review received for Murder on Aconcagua, take a look!  

"When I received the chance to do a book review for Murder on Aconcagua, I was very intrigued. It had been a long time since I had read a murder mystery and I was happy to have the opportunity to read this book. I have heard a lot of good reviews about the Summit Murder Mystery series and this book definitely did not disappoint. From the moment I read the Prologue I was hooked. The characters, story setting and weaving of historical locations made for a gripping tale. I found myself having a very visual concept of Aconcagua as I was reading. I could see the deep snow; the mountain trail ahead of me and even imagine the exhaustion and bitter cold, blowing winds as the altitude reached new heights. Among all the excitement of the climb you get wrapped into the characters and their ulterior motives. Mystery, murder and even a few creepy moments keep you turning page after page. As I reached the end of the book I realized I was left cliff hanging on Aconcagua. I will most definitely read the next book in this series. I will also be going to the bookstore to find and start my read with the first book in the Summit Murder Mystery series. If this is the first book of the series that you have picked up to read just like I have, no need to worry. The authors do a wonderful job of pulling you into the story and acquainting you with the characters. Thank you Charles G. Irion and Ronald J. Watkins for the exciting, action packed journey!"  -  J. Meredith, MI 

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