Russian Mountaineers Abandon K2 Winter Ascent After Death

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- A spokesman for a Russian mountaineering team seeking to be the first to climb K2 in winter said Monday that it has abandoned the attempt after one of its members died on the mountain.  The 15 climbers had been on the mountain the world's highest after Mount Everest, since late December and were hoping to make a summit-push in mid March.  Naiknam Karm said one of the climbers died Monday of breathing difficulties at base camp and said the team was waiting for better weather before being flown from base camp by helicopter.

Winter ascents of the world's 14 highest mountains are some of the most prized achievements left in climbing.

K2 sees winter temperatures of 50 below zero and winds of up to 70 kilometers an hour (40 miles per hour) in winter.

We are very sorry for the loss of your team member.


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