Librarians! Order the Summit Murder Mystery Series Today!

Calling all librarians!!!

Give your readers a great murder mystery series to read that's full of action, betrayal, adventure and for a unique twist, climbing drama!  

The Summit Murder Mystery series was inspired by the 1987 Everest attempt by author Charles G. Irion. Each is an exciting murder mystery set against the climb of one of the Seven Summits. The authors invite you to begin your adventure today with Murder on Everest. Unlike any mystery ever previously written, you will actually feel yourself atop Everest in the midst of a violent blizzard. You’ll read what it's like to climb with one-third the usual oxygen, to fight illness and fatigue. You will experience the thrill of the climb, the terror of every step in the Death Zone.

Who will be murdered? How? And why? The answers will astound you.

What are you waiting for?!  Order the series today!


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